Fantastic 5-minute healthy breakfast ideas for working people


A beautiful morning can turn into a frenzy when you realise you have over-slept. You have to finish all your morning duties before you can rush to work. You rush to the bathroom, take a shower and get into your clothes as soon as possible! Have you forgotten something? You conveniently forget to have the most important meal of the day! The next time this happens, try out these 5-minute breakfast ideas instead of skipping the meal entirely.

Scrambled eggs


Rich in protein, eggs are highly nourishing and easy to make. It will give you the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals enough to kick-start your day.

Peanut butter sandwiches



Peanut butter has a high calorific value. It is a storehouse of energy which is just the right thing you need to get your metabolism into top gear.

Fruit smoothie

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Some people find it rather uncomfortable to binge on solid food early in the morning. If you are one of these kinds, try throwing in your favourite fruit along with some milk into a blender. Then put some ice cubes and enjoy your favourite fruit smoothie.



A bowl of yogurt contains certain bacteria that work to your body’s advantage. It is a good source of protein and vitamins too. Try adding fruits or honey to add flair to your flavours.

Boiled eggs


Boiling an egg may take more than five minutes. But multi tasking as soon you get up can ensure that it is ready once you are done with the morning chores. Once it is ready, break the shell and sprinkle some salt and pepper and you are ready with a super healthy breakfast!

If you are on the run at all times, then such quick breakfast alternatives are the right thing for you. They stack you on the necessary vitamins and energize you to go through the first half of your day smoothly.

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