Fashion Styles And Trends For Men


Who says only women want to look good? Nowadays, even men are extremely careful on how they look and present themselves. No wonder even they are opting for a good beauty therapy at their favourite salon more often than they earlier did. Besides that, they are also paying attention to what they wear. Today, we tell you what’s in vogue for men currently. Vanity and looking good is not a woman’s prerogative alone anymore, people!

Every year, fashion trends for men are listed out, but since many men rarely follow fashion norms, all this style news eludes them, and when they go shopping, they are back to buying safe looking shirts or predictable trousers which one wouldn’t even notice is a new one and others assume they have only one or two pairs of trousers for each outing.

For men who are just starting, they should know that bold colours are in and colours of the season. So if it is a pair of olive green pants or a burnt orange trouser that catches your fancy, go ahead and buy them as you will look stunning in those.

If you think that the colour is too loud, then tone it down with something lighter in shade. Experts say that suits are becoming boxier and the double breasted blazer is in style too! The slim cut trousers of last year are fast fading away to make way for wider legged pants. Those who love sweatshirts can try the ones that have nice prints on them and look funkier as compared to the plain cliché ones. Short sleeved shirts are also back in fashion. Sports coats, camouflage prints and army themes are hot and happening and worn by international models.

Merge the current trend with your comfort level

Merge the current trend with your comfort level

The more adventurous you are, the more people will notice you. But remember the ground rule: fashion is nothing if you’re not comfortable in it. So, simply merge the current trend with your comfort level.

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