How to dress up quickly for a party


Sometimes by the time we return from work, we are left with no time to dress up for an evening party. In a bid to dress up quickly, we tend to overdo or mismatch accessories that can totally be an eyesore. Even if you are in a hurry, here are few fashion tips that you should keep in mind before you step out of your house for a party.



Wearing the right footwear is a big deal. I am sure you don’t want to go limping  to office the next day or end up having a shoe bite because of your last minute choice of wearing the wrong footwear. Also, ensure that your footwear complements the dress you wear.

Avoid floor-sweeping outfits


In a hurry, don’t pull out a long dress only because you are going for a party. If they have disco floors or dim lights, you are mostly likely to trip and fall because of the wrong choice of dress. Wear a dress that is either above or up to the knee level.



Sport a thin or small purse for the party. Be it a clutch, bag or purse; carry a bag that can fit just your phone and money. Do not carry a baggage to overload yourself. If you want to keep your cosmetics as well, just take a lipstick and eyeliner because these will be enough for timely touch up.

Minimal accessories


In a hurry to reach the party soon, do not overload yourself with many accessories. Wear only what is necessarily suiting your outfit. Even if you are in a rush, never forget to take a proper look at yourself in the mirror for at least one minute to know if you are looking good.

No jackets


Do not burden yourself with a jacket, stole and shrug all at the same time. If the weather conditions are bad, carry one suitable jacket; and not everything from your wardrobe.

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