Features A Skin Care Product Must Have!


How do you know that you are buying the correct skin product for yourself? How do you go about finding the apt one? Do you consider the price or the brand? Or is it the brand ambassador (gotcha!)? Today we tell you what really matters in a skin care product.

Skin care products

The multitasking ability

Let us not lie to ourselves and face the fact that we cannot just be satisfied with one beauty product and think it has all the solutions to our beauty issues. Well, not anymore! We recommend you buy products that target all your beauty concerns in a single tube or bottle. A BB Cream or a CC Cream can be the perfect remedy since it is makeup and skin care combined to style your skin, instantly!

Moisture restore

Some face washes and cleansers snatch away the moisture of your skin. Therefore, it’s essential you look out for a product that, in turn, restores it. Choose one that repairs skin damage and fully absorbs into your skin to replenish the lipids that are lost during cleansing.

Sun protection

Moisturising is okay; repairing ability is even better! But this repairing process should help you gain protection against the sun too. Some products have a tendency of darkening your skin tone in the name of moisturising. Perhaps, that’s because they don’t seem to do well when exposed to the sun. We suggest you to see the SPF content in your product that will keep your skin healthy and glowing even in the harmful UV rays. Anything above an SPF of 30+ is favourable and should be used in every season!

So, to avoid skin care mistakes, keep in mind the above 3 tips and you will never go wrong again!

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