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Gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi, mujhe conjunctivitis ho gaya! ;D Sorry about the filmi beginning! But I’m sure just like us, you’ve also noticed most people coming to work with their sunglasses on and never removing them all day. Yes, the dreaded sore-eyes or conjunctivitis is back to haunt us. For those of you who still have no clue what I’m talking about, conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the thin transparent tissue that covers our eyes. It could be bacterial or viral and it makes our eye appear pinkish or reddish (depending on the severity of the condition.)

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Because it’s in air, and because it’s contagious and because our reader Murtuza Iqbal made use of the ‘Request Box’ on our Home Page and requested for it, I came up with this article that talks about not just curing the condition, but also on the precautionary steps to avoid getting it ourselves.

Murtuza Iqbal who requested this article also sent us his pictures when he had sore eyes

Murtuza Iqbal, who requested this article, also sent us pictures of his sore eyes and otherwise


Direct contact with people affected by the highly contagious pink eye (what I like to call the ‘vampire eye’) can transfer the infection to you and you wouldn’t know until after a week when the first symptoms start to appear. Adopt these steps to avoid catching the vampire eye:

Avoid contact with people who have conjunctivitis

Disinfect household surfaces, e.g. doorknobs and countertops

Keep your fingers away from your eyes

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Wash your pillow cases often

Wash your hands often, and using disposable paper towels for drying your hands

Ensure that eye drops and ointments, facecloths, towels, and pillow slips are not shared

If you have contact lenses, clean and care for your contact lenses correctly.

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Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the clear tissue that protects the eye

Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the clear tissue that protects the eye


If you did not take good care of your and your family’s eyes and you have been infected, don’t blame me! (Also, read the aforementioned preventive steps again). So if you have been infected with conjunctivitis, you may find these symptoms:

Discharge from the eyes

Eyes feel gritty or irritated

Eyes feel as if they’re burning or stinging

And the most obvious one… red or bloodshot eyes

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Not to worry, there is an effective way to treat the condition especially if you have allergic conjunctivitis. Although my first advice to you would be to visit a doctor but if you feel it’s not too great or you want to treat it with some natural home remedies, try these:

Honey rinse: Make an eye rinse with honey diluted in a cup of water. Use it to wash your eyes. Do not rub it in.

Potato: Slice up a potato and place the slices on your eyes for a few minutes. Do this 2 or 3 times daily. The starch in the potato will heal your condition faster.

Cold milk: Cold milk is also an effective home remedy for sore eyes. Dip a ball of cotton in some cold milk and squeeze out the excess. Now place the cotton ball on your eyes for 10 minutes every morning and evening.

Black/green tea bags: Place a cool, used tea bag on your eyes for 20 minutes before sleeping. Black or green tea bags are really good as the bioflavonoids present in the tea will not only soothe your infection but also banish dark under-eye circles.

Probiotics: Probiotics have a tendency to kill the bad infection-causing bacteria and promote growth of good healthy bacteria.

Cod liver oil: If you have some oral supplements of cod liver oil, you’ll be able to heal faster. Simply squirt out some of the oil from the supplements into a small bowl, and use a clean ear bud to apply it in the corners of your eyes.

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If the condition persists or aggravates even after a week, it’s time to see a specialist.

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