Fight Those Hunger Pangs And Shed Kilos Faster


If you wish you weighed just a tad bit lesser, put your hands up. We’re all tired of trying everything. The exercises are not showing results and the dieting just doesn’t help, does it? That is because our bodies are used to getting a particular level of energy through our daily nutrition. But what happens when we diet? The number on the scale is still stuck to the same spot! Why? Hunger pangs, of course! Hunger pangs can be really annoying. Especially if they’re the reason you can’t lose all the extra weight.

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But here is what you can do to fight those hunger pangs and shed the kilos: 

Spicy food makes you feel full and also increases your metabolism rate

Spicy food makes you feel full and also increases your metabolism rate

Eat spicy and hot foods:

Control hunger pangs by sending “full” messages to the brain with spicy aromas like ginger, turmeric, curry, chili powder and cayenne. Spicy food tricks your brain into believing that it’s full, so you eat less.

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Eat breakfast:

Skipping breakfast thinking that you’ll lose a few calories is the wrong way to go. Breaking the night-long fast with a healthy “break-fast” is essential because skipping it will generate more hunger pangs leading to snacking and binge eating later in the day. 

Drink more water:

Eight glasses of water a day are highly recommended and you must consume that much water every single day. If you aren’t having enough water, you’re probably having more food. Get the picture? 

Lean protein foods will help you to feel and remain full

Lean protein foods will help you to feel and remain full

Eat more protein:

Protein acts as an appetite suppressant to help control hunger pangs; so ensure you eat a portion of protein-rich food in every meal.

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Eat more of lean fats:

Fat slows down the rate of digestion, so you feel fuller for a longer time. But there’s a difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. A juicy steak would not keep you satisfied for a long time, but an avocado would. So try to eat more unsaturated fats for snacks. 

Natural sugars are healthier than artificial ones

Natural sugars are healthier than artificial ones

Avoid artificial sugars:

Artificial sugars like corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, honey, maltose, corn sweeteners and dextrose are very high in sweetness and they make you want to eat more dessert. Studies have proved that people who had treats with real sugar in it, were slimmer than those who abstained from it.

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Eat slow, chew more:

Eating fast will make you feel like you ate less. Trick your brain by eating as slow as you can and chew your food as longer than you do. This will help in reducing the intensity of hunger pangs.

So when you can’t get around the fact that you want to stuff your mouth with something, just remember to make smarter choices and follow the above tips religiously for a slimmer you!

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