First Diwali After Marriage? Make It Even More Special


Whether you tied the knot last month or it’s been a while, if this is your first Diwali after your marriage you may be feeling the jitters already. But more than feeling homesick to be away from your parents, your prime concern would be making a good impression on your in-laws. For your first Diwali after marriage, let me tell you this – there will be expectations. And as a good bahu you would want to exceed those expectations, wouldn’t you? So here we are, being the best friend as always. We bring to you a few amazing ideas to make this Diwali more special for you and your in-laws.

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Get in the good books of your in-laws and take their blessings on your first Diwali after marriage

Get in the good books of your in-laws and take their blessings on your first Diwali after marriage

If you are a bahu who lives in a joint family, this may be a bit challenging. Your sasuma will be forever looming over you to see if you perform all rituals well. So if you want to impress her and get in her good books, you must give it your best. The first thing to do to get in her good books is closer to you than you could’ve guessed. Your husband! Yes, who better to know each and everything about your mom-in-law (MIL) than her own son? So talk to your DH and get the inside details from him about everybody’s likes, dislikes, your MIL’s favourite sweet dish, what are the usual customs and how are they celebrated or executed in the family. Once you have a brief on this, you’ll feel more confident.

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Next step would be getting involved in the pre-celebration preparations. Casually strike a conversation with your sisters-in-law or your MIL to get an inkling about their plans for Diwali celebrations. Give your inputs but be sure not to sound pushy. If possible, go shopping with your MIL; this will not only give you enough time to spend with her and get to know her as an individual, but also help you understand her choice better and that will be a huge help while picking a gift for her. While out shopping with her, take over the cumbersome shopping for her and she will totally appreciate you for this.

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The way to anybody’s heart goes through his stomach. That’s one hundred percent true! Find out the festive food favourites of all the family members and browse the internet for the recipes. If you aren’t sure about their favourite dishes, check out these special Diwali delicacies that you can make for them (Guilt-Free Diwali Delicacies). If your cooking skills are loved, you’ll score more brownie points for this!

Help out with the preparations, whether you hang lanterns or make beautiful rangolis or decorate your house with diyas (find tips here: diya decoration link) give it your best and be noticed by your in-laws. Finally, offer to perform the morning puja on Diwali day. Give your mom a call and get the details from her about performing the puja. After the puja, you’ll surely receive heart-felt blessings from your in-laws and be in their good books forever!

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Make your first Diwali after marriage equally special for your hubby

Make your first Diwali after marriage equally special for your hubby

If you are a new bahu living away from parents as well as in-laws, then you’ll face different types of challenges. Apart from making your husband feel special, you must ensure he doesn’t feel homesick or miss his parents during the festive occasion. Just as you must be missing your parents, it’s his first Diwali on his own too. So keep that in mind and be fully prepared to take him by surprise. Do your homework, call up your mom and inquire about rituals to perform and things to do. Ask her what she did for your father on their first Diwali after marriage. Call up your MIL and tell her you have planned a special surprise for her son and you want her to help you out since she knows him inside out. She will feel special that you are aware of her position in your husband’s life and will be more than happy to help. Get to know your husband’s favourite dishes, likes and dislikes and any other important tip that your MIL may have for you.

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Get him a good gift, maybe a gadget or a new sherwani depending on your budget, it’s always safer to save money for a rainy day. Cook his favourite dishes and surprise him by bringing him breakfast in bed. Then present him with the gift and get ready for the rituals. Light diyas all around the house. If you live abroad and can’t find diyas, you can decorate your house with t-lights as well! For tips on using t-lights to decorate your house click here – (link)

Skype with your parents and in-laws to wish them and let them see your good work. It will make them proud of you and you’ll have their choicest of blessings that will always keep you happy.

We hope this article was of help to you. Have a wonderful and safe first Diwali! :)

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