Flattering Fashion Tips For Thin And Lean Guys


Most people believe that lean guys have got it all right when it comes to dressing up. That is an unfortunate misconception. If you are a lean or really tall and thin man, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Good news is that you’re not alone, and better news is that there are many ways in which you can find clothes that fit and flatter. Here are some flattering fashion tips that you should know to look your best at all times!

Bradley Cooper wears shoulder pads to his advantage, fashion tips for men,

Bradley Cooper wears shoulder pads to his advantage

Shoulder pads: Thin and lean guys usually complain about looking straight-bodied. While most people think this is good, the ideal body shape of a man’s torso is that of an inverted triangle or a ‘V’ shape. This means broad shoulders and relatively slender waist. But unfortunately, as is the case with most thin guys, their shoulders are not as broad. This ends up making them look stick-straight. The best solution is to wear shoulder pads. Pick coats and jackets that have attached shoulder pads and you’ll immediately give the illusion of having broader shoulders.

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Accessories: Slim guys need to realize that wearing accessories like a great chunky watch or bracelet can go against them. It will only draw attention towards the thin wrists that Mother Nature has bestowed on you. Instead, opt for accessories that camouflage your problem areas and have flattering effect. Broad-frame sunglasses may make your face look shapelier.

Take a cue from Ryan Gosling on how to layer up while dressing, fashion tips for men

Take a cue from Ryan Gosling on how to layer up while dressing

Layer up: This is a great trick to look slightly bulky. Wear a T-shirt under a casual shirt, or a shirt under a sweater or a jacket. Feel free to mix and match pieces from your wardrobe just as long as you don’t go overboard with it.

fashion tips for men,

Thick fabrics like woolens can give your body the much-needed volume

Choose thicker fabrics: While shopping for clothes, opt for fabrics that are thick like wool or stiff like cotton and linen which can be starched. This will help give volume to your body and make your silhouette appear bulky.

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Buy clothes that fit well: You’ve got it wrong if you think that wearing loose clothes will make you look fuller. Instead, wear clothes that fit well (not too loose, not to tight) and flatter your body.

fashion tips,

Matthew McConaughey proves that an all-white ensemble can also make you look fuller

Wear more whites: Try to include lots of whites in your wardrobe. If you aren’t comfortable wearing an all-white ensemble, try to wear white on top.

Say no to vertical stripes: Fashion lets you play with patterns to your advantage. So, wear more block prints and plaid but say no to gingham checks and vertical stripes. Sorry, no pin stripe coats!

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If you’re a tall and thin man then follow these fashion tips to look broader. Don’t forget to share with other lean and lanky dudes you may know!

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