Flirt With Your Lipstick Colour To Help It Stay On


Coloured lips – natural, bright, nude – they all have always been in. But, how to ensure that your lips stay coloured throughout the time you intend it to? You dress up amazingly and make yourself up but as soon as you realise your lip colour vanishing, a sense of being incomplete develops. You may eat, smooch or simply do anything, but maintain these coloured lips, and avoid its leakage. To avoid clown mouth, follow these super-easy steps to keep your lipstick where it belongs—on your gorgeous pout!

lipstick leakage

1. Exfoliate: Scrub your lips with the rest of your face while you’re in the shower in the morning. A gentle exfoliator will smooth over the flakes that come with winter’s chapped lips.

2. Moisturise: Remember that even your lips have skin that can dry up like the other parts of the body. Hence, moisturising everything, including your lips is the key. Stock up on a long-lasting chapstick to keep your pucker from getting chapped, and use it before applying lipstick to help it go on smoothly.

3. Line-up: Use an easy-to-apply lip primer to set the stage for the bold colour. Once it’s absorbed, outline you lips in a liner that’s the same shade of your natural lip colour. This does not let it go beyond your lip boundary.

4. Add Your Red: Red is a risqué colour that is in vogue currently. It is not very easy to carry this lip colour off regally. It is essential you take care that the colour suits your skin tone and the occasion to which you are wearing it. Apply the red lipstick of your choice in two swipes.  Blot a couple times on a tissue and repeat with another swipe of lipstick, followed by another blot. Repeat this process until you score your desired colour strength.

5. Set with Powder: That’s right! A light, translucent powder will help keep the colour in place even after you enjoy a huge mug of hot chocolate!

So, go ahead. Enjoy yourself without hampering your lip-colour.


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