Flirtexting facts that you should know


We all know that texting is the first step forward in dating. We keep texting day and night and sometimes even fall asleep on our phones during the initial stages of what we call as ‘falling in love’. We tend to carefully type text messages and rethink the apt emoticons before sending one text to our ‘crush’, ‘love’, whatever!

But, do you know that the way you message can either turn on or off your guy? Well, here are some facts about the messages that can totally draw your could-be-boyfriend’s attention or put him off.

Turn-ons while texting:



Sarcasm and jokes can totally attract men. They find a girl attractive when she is funny. But, make sure you don’t thrust a joke for the sake of it. It should have a good timing and should definitely be spontaneous; not from joke books that you bought in an attempt to attract your man.


filmy dialogues

You can use movie quotes to add spice to your text message chatting. But make sure that he is aware of the movie as well. If he watches only English movies and you end up quoting a dialogue from a Bollywood film, it can be a flop show. And yes, don’t use philosophical quotes! You want to impress him, not lecture; right?

Ask him out

ask him out

Gone are the days when a girl would wait patiently for a guy to ask her out. Today, if a girl asks a guy out, the latter will be thrilled for sure! No, not because they feel they’ve got a chance of being laid; but because the guys of our generation are totally into girls who are confident and can approach a man to ask him out.

Turn-offs while texting:

Using abbreviations

Woman texting

Don’t use a lot of abbreviations while texting. For example: Don’t type ‘Tx 4 bng der 4 me. Ma hrt’s feelg kewl nw’. This text has so many abbreviations that any sane person would get irritated. Seriously! Using u, 4, der, and the likes are reasonable; and so is missing the ‘g’ at the end of words like feelin, thinkin, etc. But really, what’s “ma” and “kewl”? And how many microseconds did you save when you missed the ‘o’ in ‘ok’, and opted to just type ‘k’?



By constantly bothering him with pictures of your new outfits, you are annoying him. It is all the more irritating if you keep questioning about your looks in those outfits; ‘Does it suit me?’ ‘Do I look fat?’ ‘I hope the colour is not too bright?’ ‘You like the dress?’ Men think that women who don’t have enough confidence in them are the ones that ask such questions.

Usage of friendly terms

bros and dudes

Words like kiddo, buddy, sweety, etc, totally repel guys. If you thought that you would seem ‘cool’ if you use these words, you were wrong. Guys find it ridiculous when girls use them!

So, now that you know the dos and don’ts of flirtexting, all the best! :)

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