Reasons Why Football And Girlfriends Don’t Go Hand In Hand


Let’s start by saying that football and girlfriends never go hand in hand. The problems that you will face if you ever make your girlfriend watch a match with you is unimaginable. Don’t even think of trying it out, it is possible to withstand Mumbai and Delhi’s summer, but to listen to girlfriend talk during a game will either damage your ear drums rendering you deaf or will give you innovative ideas on how to commit suicide.

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A dinner date with your girlfriend and the match are on the same day

Try to merge your date and football match together for a peaceful life, football and girlfriends,

Caution! Don’t allow her to surf channels during half-time

It really sucks when you have a date with your girlfriend and a football match on the same day at the same time. Your girlfriend will always expect you to come for the date rather than go play your football match. But you on the other hand would prefer going to play the game just because you live football, bleed football.

Offside Rule

It’s a real pain in the you-know-where, when you have to explain to your girlfriend what the offside rule in football actually is. The worst part is she will never allow you to explain it to her once the game is done. For girls, everything has to be done at that very moment. It gets irritating as there are times when you miss half the game trying to get it through that thick skull of hers what an offside really is. This is another reason why football and girlfriends can never go together!

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 Your girlfriend’s soap operas always come at the same time as your match

You know that feeling when it’s a final match and you’ve been waiting for ages to watch with a bunch of friends at home over a couple of beers. Just then your girlfriend pops up like bad omen saying that she needs to watch her soap operas as it is the finale. She emotionally blackmails you by telling you that you’re the best boyfriend she ever had and that you are so understanding and caring, when all of it is just plain rubbish. They Never Mean Anything They Say!

The midnight matches

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to toggle between the midnight match and his girlfriend’s catch ;) Of course, we watch the match and miss the catch.  It’s a universal fact that when it comes to choosing between football and girlfriends you always choose football.

Every match is not a Messi affair

Lionel Messi, football and girlfriends

Every match is not a Messi affair

Okay, ladies, there is only one Messi in the entire world and he does not play for every team. So please stop asking us stupid questions. BTW, he’s married. Ohhhhh! Better luck in the next life. (I hope he’s still a player for your sake.) And if you two end up being together, then God bless him.

Every girl wants a Beckham but does not want to be Victoria

The reason behind this is that every girl knows that there will be extra baggage along with her, like maybe she might have to get her three spice girls along with her. This means that she will not be the only centre of attention. Plus, if she wants to be Victoria she will have to reveal all her secrets which she obviously she doesn’t want to do.

It’s a boon to get a girl who loves this sport

If you're girlfriend loves football, she's a keeper, football and girlfriends

Trust me friends, it is always good to get a girl who actually knows about the sport. This makes it easier for the both of y’all when it comes to adjusting a dinner date or maybe going for a movie so that you guys can watch your match in peace.

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All you guys out there, please make sure you read this article before you plan on dating a girl who doesn’t know the ABC of Football. Don’t be the fool who is going to get played like an idiot in the end.

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