For Men: How To Groom Your Upper Body


For most men, bodily grooming means walking a delicate line that lies between looking like a caveman or a member of the prettiest boy band – One Direction. Obviously, it isn’t all about that. Did I hear you say “Thank God?” LOL. But on a serious note, grooming is a really important duty for every man out there. Especially the upper body, as that’s what catches the most attention. The nitty-gritty of upper body grooming involves all places where the sun shines. To help you get the manscaping fundamentals right, take a look at this list that tells you the where, what and how.

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The first step in manscaping is to remove all the hair from your torso

The first step in manscaping is to remove all the hair from your torso

Hair, hair everywhere! That won’t do boys; we don’t want grizzly bears! If you’re wondering why… it’s because hair means sweat, which further meals smelling foul (the deodorant doesn’t cover it up, to be honest). The first thing on your list of upper body grooming routine should be hair removal. Opt for any method that works for you – waxing, trimming, shaving and the likes. Remember some of the hair removal techniques could be a little painful (waxing, threading), while others could cause your hair to grow out sooner (trimming, shaving) and you may have to do it all over again. Clean away the hair on your chest, back, armpits and even arms for a clean and chiseled look.

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Once the hair (or at least most of it) is gone, your body needs some TLC to prevent any after-effects of hair removal. Almost all of the aforementioned hair removal methods could result in nasty ingrowth if not done right. But it’s nothing a good scrub can’t handle. Invest in a good exfoliant meant for men and use it regularly. It would be better if you exfoliate your skin in the shower, every morning for a few days before going in for hair removal. The scrubbing will open the pores, thereby ensuring the ingrown hair isn’t trapped in your skin during hair removal; it will also remove dead skin cells if any.

Take a shower twice a day and use hydrating shampoos, and shower gels

Take a shower twice a day and use hydrating shampoos and shower gels

Get some good quality bath essentials like a hydrating shower gel or soap bar and a loofah or body sponge. Using a body sponge or a soft loofah massages your skin making it look radiant and sexy. Don’t forget your head! If you have a dry and itchy scalp then buy a nourishing shampoo and conditioner enriched with vitamin E. On the other hand if you have a sweaty, oily scalp, then a balancing shampoo and conditioner is your best bet. Also invest in some good quality super-moisturizing hair mousse or cream for those special occasions.

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While in shower, it is important to wash your body well. Lather up and work your way on your chest, arms, pits, back, and moving downwards, wash your legs, butts and crotch. Don’t forget the face and neck as they attract the most amount of dirt and grime. Use a face wash or a gentle scrub and wash your face and neck with cool water. Clean your nose of any hair (and mucus!), and also wash your ears (pinna and behind) well. Brush and floss that killer smile for brownie points!

Hydration is key. What’s the use of having a completely shaven upper body if it looks dry and chalky? The women will tell you it’s a put-off, so if you want your woman to stay right by your side, make sure to slather on that moisturizer every morning and night after a shower. And mind you, moisturizing is NOT a “girly” thing!

Well dressed men are far more attractive than others

Well-dressed men are far more attractive than their shabby cousins

Finally, put on your best (clean, ironed) clothes and you’re good to go! Well groomed men are for more attractive than their shabby cousins. Whether it’s an important interview, meeting, date or any event whatsoever, if you are kempt, you’ll notice the difference yourself.

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