Turn him on without using hands


Gone are the days when hands played a major role in foreplay. Of late, there are many tricks that are new to our good old guide, Kamasutra. The necessity to revitalize love and intimacy in a couple’s life has introduced many dirty and naughty secrets that can help you be kinky in bed. There were times when people preferred to stick to their comfort zone by being a pro in not more than four sex positions. But today, one person in every couple has a rubber body that has qualified them to be an expert in bed. With a chance for multiple orgasms, several sex positions and much more, every couple seems to be creative and innovative in their sex life.

If you are still sticking to your comfort zone, here are a few tricks that might help you revive your love with new kinky foreplay scenes.


Yes, tongue is proven to sexually turn on both men and women. Use your tongue to sexually arouse your partner. Women can use their tongue to turn on their man in his weak points such as neck, lower waist, chest and inner thighs. As for men, they can turn their woman on by playing with her erogenous zones like neck, behind the ears and inner thighs. Just make sure you have control over your saliva, lest it turns up embarrassing.


A woman can easily use her long and lustrous hair to turn on her man. But, it is important to use your hair the right way; else your partner might just end up sneezing for all the efforts you put in. Watch some videos or ask your friends to help you with its tricks.

Finger nails

To make your sex life spicy, make sure your man does not move till you linger around his entire body with your finger nails. Long nails are not only beneficial for vanity reasons but also for kinky ones. But, make sure your partner is not ticklish; else, his continuous laughter might just ruin your plan.


woman and man kissing

To initiate romance, you can approach your partner close enough to feel his breath. In this way, he will be able to feel yours too. Do not indulge in kissing or any other activity. Just feel his breath on you; it will create an urge in him to caress you. This is enough to guarantee the night’s sexual encounter.

Slight body touch

When your partner is busy with his laptop, sit next to him and slightly make your body touch his. If possible you can combine this act with your breath on his sensitive spots. This is enough for him to turn off his laptop and hold you tight in his arms.

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