Four things that will make you look like a grandpa


You have to understand that you aren’t getting any younger, unless you are Benjamin Button; in this curious case, you must ensure you look after yourself.  Men seem to age faster than most women do, and it is a universal fact that the receding hairline dilemma has been plaguing a large number of men which makes them look older than they really are. So it is essential that you stick to a healthier diet so you can enjoy your youthfulness while it lasts and prolong it as much as you can. Here are some foods and lifestyle choices you should abstain from or rather cut down on, to ensure you don’t end up aging too soon and looking like a grandpa. (No offense, grandpa!)

Aging men lifestyle choices

Aging men lifestyle choices


The most common ingredient in food products – salt is an evil which ages the skin to another level, and there is no escaping it. It dehydrates the skin and makes it look tired and baggy. Opt for other lighter spices to flavour your food and salvage your taste.


This is tragic, considering everyone likes a good dose of candies, doughnut, pastries or candy bars, but they wreak havoc on your face. Sugar decreases the elasticity of the skin making it look lifeless and limp. Additionally, it gives you wrinkles and paves way for deeper lines around your eyes. The only way to solve this is by opting for natural sweet replacements. 


The most common reason your skin ages prematurely is because of dehydration, and alcohol does just that to your body. Alcohol, like salt, will rob your body of the elasticity and glow, which gives your skin that necessary boost. Very often ‘just a glass’ culminates into a one too many. To avoid this, stick to just a glass and keep yourself hydrated by drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water per day.


You will never run out of reasons to quit this devil of a habit. Smoking will produce wrinkles and bags under your eyes even more than aging does! Apart from the apparent risk of heart diseases, smoking also causes lines and marks on your skin.

Aging men lifestyle choices

Aging men lifestyle choices

If you can stay away or cut down on these choices in your lifestyle, it will help you enjoy your manhood more than ever.

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