Freshen the air after your dog pees


Be it dogs or human beings, the pungent odour of any living being’s urine can make a place smell awful. Human infants can be potty trained easily when compared to dogs simply because it is easier to communicate with kids. Though some dogs can be potty trained over a period of time, the others can’t.

But, leaving the urine unattended can release pungent odour that spreads to the rooms in your house. Sometimes, several attempts to spray air fresheners or clean the place with disinfectant can seem to be a big time failure. In that case, is there an alternative way?

Well, here are some home remedies that will help you to get rid of this overpowering odour from carpets, mats, floors, etc.

Note that every trick and tip requires some basic cleaning in the first place. Clean the urine off with a dry piece of cloth before attempting any of the below mentioned methods.

Orange peels

Orange peels are one of the citrus fruits with aromatic smell. Leave some orange peels for a few hours on the area where your pet has urinated. It will absorb the strong stench from the spot. You can also opt to sprinkle the juice of orange peels.


Lemon is used as a natural room freshener. Leave some lemon peels on the area for 30 minutes. The peels will act as an absorbent and in no time you will be relieved of the odour.


You can use vinegar and water solution to get rid of the pungent smell. Don’t forget to use a piece of dry cloth to clean. Wet cloth does not help in eliminating the smell; instead, it makes the stench spread faster.


Borax can be used to wipe off the smell from carpets, mats and other materials that the dog has urinated on.

Sprinkle some borax and clean the area with a wet sponge.

Baking soda

Its benefits are not just to get rid of stains, but also dog urine. Using baking soda you can remove the dry marks left behind because of unattended urine. As you are scrubbing, the pungent smell will eventually vanish.

After attempting either of these, you can spray air freshener. By spraying it before cleaning up the odour, you are allowing the fragrance of the air freshener and the pungent odour of the urine to mix. This is why your attempts to make the room smell good had failed. But, now you need not worry.

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