Friend or a bully?


You may think he’s/she’s a good friend! But there’s always a possibility that you might be friends because staying with you strokes his/her ego more than anything else! Here are a few things you need to realise about certain kinds of friendships that exist around us… and at times in our lives as well.

A friendship always begins with a need. The second human need after filling the stomach is that of socialising. In a bid to socialize you may end up being friends with people who do you more harm than good. So, are you a friend of a ‘Frenemy’?

Now you may be wondering what a frenemy is. Well, the term is self explanatory – a friend who also possesses some qualities of an enemy; someone with selfish intentions, or somebody who makes you doubt your self esteem. Understand that frenemies are plenty in today’s world and are sometimes hard to spot! Here are some tips on how to spot a frenemy in your life.


Frenemies always thrive on power

You may notice that you always feel inferior when in their presence. You won’t feel good about yourself. This is severely detrimental to your mindset. As soon as you recognise this nature in any of your friends, understand that it’s time to let go.

Frenemies share your secrets for fun

Ever come across a friend who swore she’d/he’d never tell your secret to anyone and ended up spilling the beans? Now, there are times when secrets need to be let out, but at the cost of plain fun? This shows how much your friend, rather your frenemy, values your relationship.

Frenemies twist facts and situations to avoid taking responsibility for their actions

They will never admit they are wrong, constantly trying to blame you for actions they might have done.


All these traits of a frenemy stem from selfishness and a need to gratify their own psyche. Perceive these situations in your practical life and get rid of the frenemies in the gentlest way possible. Revenge is never the answer. It is supremely challenging to forgive but you’d rather try forgetting and moving on. Be yourself! Let no one dictate what you are!

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