Fun things you can do this summer with your kids


The summer holidays are round the corner. Two months can be a drag for your kids if you don’t plan it out well. Listed below are a few fun things you can do with your kids this summer and spend quality time with them:

Make cards

Upcoming birthdays, Mother’s day or Teacher’s day cards can be made in advance. Try teaching your kids how to make cards more creatively and make a stack of these cards for the upcoming year this summer.



If you have knowledge of a musical instrument, teach your kids a little to see their interests. In case you do not possess any knowledge in music, enrol them in some music classes to see which instrument they fancy.


Paper machete and other such creative activities will keep your child busy and will be fun to do as well. You can search online for such activities.


Paint something like a window grill, a door or a stool in the house with your kids. Teach them how to use a paintbrush or a spray tool.

Take trips

Hiking in Vermont

Make a field trip with your kids. Do something adventurous and out of the box to spice up this summer.


Plant seeds in your house pots and make your child tend it. This way he will even learn values like patience and care.

Play indoor and outdoor games


Play games with your kids. Get involved in the games they play. Make them enjoy along with you.


Ride bicycles in the locality with your kids. This will help you exercise as well.

Make learning fun

Conduct quizzes to make even the little they learn in the summer holidays fun.

Reading time

Try to imbibe a habit of reading in your kids. Give them something fun to read or read it along with them.

Don’t let this summer be a lazy one. Some fun activities like these can keep both you and your kids active this summer.

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