Fun ways to decorate your empty wall


Walls speak about you. Does it sound funny and hard to believe? Well, bare walls are a bore, which might portray you as a boring person. Moreover, creating a pleasant ambience at home can create positive vibes and spread goodness across all rooms. And to form this nice atmosphere, decorating the wall has to be one of the things in your to-do list.

If your wall is just blank, it is time for you to splash some decors on it. Here are some ideas that we are offering.

Plate up!


Paint your wall with solid colours like beige, yellow or teal and decorate it with antique and new age ceramic plates. You can form a pattern diagonally, vertically, horizontally or randomly to plate up your wall. You can mount the plates using plate hangers or even metal wire paper clips.



This is the perfect way of decorating the wall in your entryway or in the living room. You can mount an antique or contemporary style mirror on the wall to fill the space. You can also place identical lamps on either side of a table that be positioned below the mirror.

Wall decor stickers


If your wall is blank, you can stick wall decors that suit your interests. Be it a tree, birds or any random pattern for that matter. They can fill the empty space, yet look colourful. You can show off your sense of humour by picking funny stickers for your walls.



If you are a green person, you can decorate your wall with indoor gardening. On your kitchen wall, you can mount pots of organic plants. Else, you can mount flower pots in a pattern in the living room wall. They help your house stay fresh with good smell as well. But ensure ventilation and adequate sunlight, lest the plants die.

Show your love for wine


Many Indian families are influenced by western culture to a large extent. You can reflect it on your interiors by mounting wine racks to hold various kinds of wine in your house. This is more appropriate for small houses. If you are not the drinking kind, you can opt for some favourite poster to fill the space.

Photos and art


You can make photo frames of beautiful memories or candid shots of yourself, your children or your family members to mount on the wall leading to your staircase. Don’t opt for photos taken in studios, they seem very formal and can ruin the whole idea. Also, arranging them in a straight and formal pattern can seem boring. Try new ways of mounting them all. You can either arrange them randomly or form a zig-zag pattern. If photos seem to be a tedious job, you can opt for art as well. Abstract art can suit best in the living room.

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