Genius Ways To Propose Your Guy On Valentine’s Day!


One of the biggest problems girls face is not pimple or menses, but how to make their man feel special on a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day! There is a horde of information out there for all the guys looking to pop the question to their girls. But what about the girls who want to break that tradition and propose their guys themselves? Don’t worry, ladies; I’ve got you covered!

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If you are searching for cute ways to propose your guy this V-day, then here are some genius ways. Pick an idea that you think he would like, or take inspiration from here to come up with something crazier! 

Here's a uber cool way to pop the question. If the guys can do it, so can you. You go, girl!

Here’s a uber cool way to pop the question. If the guys can do it, so can you. You go, girl!

Caricature or cartoon proposal: This is an ingenious way of expressing your love for him! Tell him you want your caricatures drawn just for fun and make sure you’ve had a private word with the caricature or cartoon artist in advance telling him to draw you with speech bubbles above your head. Explain to the artist that yours should say “Will you marry me?” (or any message you want to give) and his would be blank. Once the masterpiece is ready, hand it to him with a pen and ask him to write his answer. It will obviously be yes!

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ways to propose your guy

Surprise your guy with a spontaneous scrabble proposal a day before Valentine’s Day!

Game proposal: If your guy is into mind games or language games, challenge him to a game of scrabble (keep extra letters with you) or crossword (make your personalized crossword and keep it ready in your bag). Cheat if you must, everything is fair in love and war. Halfway through the game when he is sure he would win, make a phrase in your  crossword grid or on your scrabble board that reads ‘Marry me’ or ‘I love you’ and get as creative as you can! He would definitely be caught off-guard and it would be a win-win situation!

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Since flowers are for ladies, balloons (yes, lost of balloons) are a cute way to surprise a guy!

Since flowers are for ladies, balloons (yes, lots of balloons) are a cute way to surprise a guy!

Baloons galore: If you live together or he lives alone, send him a huge bouquet of helium balloons (ask the watchman for help in delivering it). Stick cute notes on each balloon for him to read and smile. Then send a final big balloon with a ring inside it and stick a note on it that says “Burst me!” Ensure you deliver the last balloon yourself so that you can see his reaction on finding what’s inside!

Why not take inspiration from this cute Bollywood film?

Why not take inspiration from this cute Bollywood film?

Lunch box love: This one’s perfect for wives who want to rekindle the romance in their marriage. Give him two lunch boxes (one with his lunch and the other empty) and don’t drop a hint at all. Leave a naughty message in the empty lunch box for him to find during lunch hours. He won’t be able to wait to come back home!

 Time bomb proposal: Create a fake email-ID with a bizarre name like ‘The Mystical Gypsy’ or ‘Fortune Turner’ or ‘God’ (you get the point). Then 10 days before you plan to propose him, send him an email from the ID without revealing your identity. Let the mail be funny but bizarre and something that gets him thinking “What’s this all about?” You could say ‘This is a time-bomb. Your life will change forever in 10 days. Love, God’ Then send him a mail every day until the big day saying ‘Nine days to go…’, ‘Eight days to go…’ until he really starts to freak out. Then on the 10th day, send him a lovey-dovey mail and mark the fake email ID (God) in copy! If he is fun-loving, he’ll salute you for creativity!

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So now that you know these genius ways to propose your guy, what are you girls waiting for? Get moving, and make him feel on top of the world!

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