Gestures that resonate confidence and charm


Wouldn’t you love to have the liberty to approach anyone you like or be approached easily? For that to happen, you have to have others believe you are genuine. Here are some gestures that resonate confidence and charm:

Learn to comliment sincerely

Learn to comliment sincerely

Give sincere compliments

There are a few things less charming than a sincere compliment. Don’t try to find something to say just to be flattering. Be natural and tell her what you like. If you like her clothes, her perfume or what she did for you, let her know it.

Know how and when to use touch

Knowing how and when to use touch is extremely powerful. For instance, placing your hands on her shoulder will make her know that you mean what you are saying. But this can also backfire if used at inappropriate times. If touch is used properly, this can be an extremely useful weapon in your arsenal of charm.

Accept compliments graciously

Do not be obnoxious when receiving compliments. Exhibit humility when doing so and your charm will be visible in all its glory.  There are two magic words you can use whenever someone gives you a compliment, that is gracious, dignified, and will avoid you sounding proud -”thank you.” Leave it at that. Simple it may be, it is devastatingly effective as well.

Engage others in group conversation

Learn to engage others in conversation

Learn to engage others in conversation

Ever been the centre of attention? Whenever you are, make sure to involve others as well. This is an amazing gesture that portrays humility and concern for others.

Use the person’s name while talking

Nothing sounds more courteous than calling a person by name. It makes them feel good about themselves and shows that you respect them.


Learn to smile more often

Learn to smile more often

Last, but not the least, smile. Smiling exuberates confidence and approachability. It makes others feel you are positive.

If you manage to pull this off then there’s no stopping others from approaching Mr. Charming!

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