Get Better Workout Results By Using Your Rest Days Like These


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I’ve met people who consider their much-needed one-day break from the gym to be a curse! And I practically drag through the week for that one day :)

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Now if you’re one of those people who can’t wait to hit the gym after your rest day, we have something for you! Ever considered using your rest days in strategic ways so that you get better workout results? And no we’re not talking about running on boring treadmills at home.

- If you don’t get enough time to go out on a brisk walk on other days, utilize your rest days. Grab your friend or plug in your earphones and walk away to fitness. Just remember to keep the intensity low; your pace should allow you to talk without a problem.

- Nobody’s going to refuse this. Fix up a session with your massage therapist and let your sore muscles relax. Not only will you be energized after the therapy, but your body will also look forward to hit the gym with added zeal.

- After 6 days of hardcore workout sessions, the last day of the week should be reserved for something totally opposite. Beat stress and fatigue by practicing breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale deeply because this strengthens the core muscles and helps your body to recover. Incorporate yoga or meditation with it for a stronger spiritual connection.

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- Calorie-burning activities need not always be boring and monotonous. Take out your dog to play, go cycling with your friends, or catch up with your neighbour over a game of badminton. You’ll start loving your rest days more once you begin such fun activities.

- There is a difference between sleeping away and a power nap. Go for the second one! As per research, a 30-minute power nap restores energy. We, any which way, don’t need any more reasons to sleep ;)

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Now that you know what your rest days should be like, make the most of your fitness regime!

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