Get Eggsy: Proven Benefits Of Eating Eggs


If you are an average Indian you might have by now heard of the slogan “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande” which translates “No matter what day of the week it is, have an egg daily.” Obviously there are naysayers who don’t agree with egg being beneficial at all. We don’t believe them one bit, and have set out to prove them wrong. Here are proven benefits of eating eggs one and all should know.

1. Your Performance Skyrockets


Eggs have the ability to satiate your body. Don’t believe us? One egg provides around 6g of protein and a whole lot of other nutrients and vitamins. An egg eaten in combination with brown bread and fruit juices, means you are all set to rock the day.

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2. You Can Be The Iron Man/Lady

People having iron deficiency can suffer from sudden spells of tiredness and headaches. Since the body needs iron as a carrier of oxygen, eggs come into the picture and save the day. The iron in the egg yolk replenishes the body in its edible form and is the safest bet. It is also cheaper than any iron supplement available in the market.

3. It’s Nutritious As Hell

Eggs are packed with truckloads of nutrients. Nutrients such as vitamins A, E, B12 are found in plenty in egg-eaters than their non-egg-eating counterparts. Egg consumers reap the benefits of this wonder food. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the taste.

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4. Keeps The Blood Cholesterol Level In Check

There was a time in the 90s when eggs got a lot of flak for being too high on cholesterol content. However, the lid was blown of that allegation when it had no basis. The trans fatty acids are the real culprits, while eggs are just a healthy and inexpensive medium of packing in proteins.

5. Eggs Make You Brainy Not Just Brawny


Eggs help in improving brain health of the foetus

While the world has known the benefits of eggs helping people to become muscular, little do they know that it also helps brain health immensely. A nutrient by the name of ‘Choline’ found in eggs helps a foetus in its brain development. Pregnant ladies, are you listening?

6. Eggs – The Secret To Shiny Hair

Eggs have ample amount of sulphur-containing amino acids. Egg consumption provides the body with the much needed boost, which in turn results in faster growing hair and stronger nails.

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7. Stronger Bones Equals Stronger You


Eggs can result in strong bones

Bones are a crucial part of the human anatomy. Their strength decreases over the years leading to problems like arthritis. However, egg consumption can put this problem to rest. Since it is one of the few foodstuffs that have vitamin D in it, optimum bone health can never be far away.

So, go on, get your daily dose of eggs and don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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