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There is a reason why women like wearing skirts – it requires minimal tailoring and is easy to wear. Unlike salwars kameezes that require regular ironing or jeans that show off your out-of-shape legs, skirts are easy to wear and can be more flattering. And now, the good news is that skirts are back in fashion this year. Here are a few suggestions for you to go flaunt yourself with a suitable skirt.

Skirts add bells and whistles to your style and widen your outfit combinations. Skirts can do wonders for women; it can make them look taller or shorter depending on its length. Fashion designers never recommend long and floor sweeping skirts for petite women as it makes them look even shorter. Long-legged ones can either flaunt their legs with knee level skirts or maxi skirts.

What's your pick?

What’s your pick?

Pairing any printed top with your skirt is a good combination to wear while shopping. If you are going out with friends, you can pair a knee level skirt with bright/neon tops and a suitable belt. Beige and black are common colours for skirts, but you can explore and opt for olive green, bright pink, and the like.

While wearing skirts, accessories play an important role. Ballet shoes, wedges and high heels go very well with skirts. Hats and belts can complement only some skirt combinations, so, try them out first and take a look in the mirror; if you are not convinced, take it off. Denim jackets add a cool look to skirt combinations. A beige colour skirt paired with denim jacket over a tee gives a casual look.

Accessories play an important role when you wear a skirt

Accessories play an important role when you wear a skirt

Pleated maxi skirts suit tall women. Therefore, determining the type of body you have is essential to choose the best kind of skirt for you.




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