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Everybody dreams of being treated like royalty. In our country, the Mughal era is one that everybody is fascinated about. The richness in the trousseau, the golden sheen on their bright Persianate faces and the delicious Mughlai cuisine still seems fresh. So ladies, if you want to feel like a princess too, try the newest beauty trend that will teleport you back to the Mughal Empire in a jiffy. Here’s how…

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Beauty salons across the biggest cities are now offering exquisite gold facials, manicure and pedicure treatments that instantly give your skin a healthy golden sheen. A warm gold soak, gold essence in beauty products and a gold pack are relatively newer products that are stealing the show. Indian beauty brands like VLCC, Shahnaz Husain, Fem, etc all offer gold based beauty products.

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Ponds Gold Radiance

Ponds Gold Radiance

Age backwards with gold infused anti-aging capsules offered by Pond’s in their Gold Radiance range. This range claims to contain elements of real gold that helps fight aging and dark spots and provides a sheer glow to the skin.

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Ponds Gold Radiance capsules help you age backwards

Ponds Gold Radiance capsules help you age backwards

Even the makeup industry is catching up with the gold trend. Lakme has come up with many products with the golden touch. Try the Lakme Absolute golden nail paint or the Lakme Gold Dust shimmer bronzer.

Lakme Absolute  Gold Caramel Nail Paint

Lakme Absolute Gold Caramel Nail Paint

The Lakme Absolute Shine Line is an eyeliner in golden that’s widely popular with women who love the gold trend.

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Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Gold

Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Gold

So try these golden products and instantly feel like royalty. Three cheers for gold!

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