Girl Teaches Her On Flight Molester A Lesson


Eve-teasing and molestation are more common than their worst cousin, rape. Perhaps, because they aren’t as extreme or rude as rape is, that most cases go unreported. And even if they are reported, what does the Indian law do? Well, nothing much! This is exactly the reason why this young lady, who was aboard an Indigo flight heading to Bhubhaneshwar in India, decided to teach her molester a lesson.

The molester, a man in his 50s, was apparently repeatedly poking this girl who was sitting in the seat ahead of him.

What this girl did is inspiring, and perhaps something we all can do to teach perverts like this a lesson.



We wonder if this man has kids who have also watched this video. If yes, we pity them as much as we loathe this man’s misdeed.


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