Here’s Why Girls Should Pop That Question To Their Man

girls should pop that question

Here’s Why Girls Should Pop That Question To Their Man

So here’s how it works in most of the love stories: A boy meets a girl, they become friends, they fall in love, and tada, a love story is created with a dash of cute little fights and oh-so-wow romance. After going on various dates and making each other fall for each other, there comes a time where we come to know, yes, he’s the one or she’s the one with whom I wish to spend my entire life. The awe-worthy mushy love needs to take a notch higher and give it a tag of marriage.

Every girl desires a romantic proposal, popping of a champagne bottle, those glazing glasses of the sparkly wine, where he drops in a ring “accidentally” and we go all crazy over that one single night, which is not really planned, yet somewhat decided in our heads.

What if things change and we plan to turn the table? We all know it is a guy thing of popping that important question to a girl, but what if a girl goes all down on her knees and asks him to spend the rest of his life with her? Cute, na? Well, it’s time to get things real, break the stereotypes, embrace equality, and show the power of feminism by asking that question which we girls wait eagerly our entire lives.

If you really think this one is worth it, then it’s time to sweep your lover boy off his feet and ask him to marry you. Confused how this will help you and why you should do this? We’ve got all the valid points to make you think about this one, surely! Here’s why Girls should pop that question.

You Can Be The Upper-Hand

Who rules the world? Girls! Come on, repeat this daily, and make this real too! If you really wish to rule over your love life for the rest of your life? Then you should surely go for this one without blinking your eye. What’s better than a husband who agrees with what you say all the time? ;)

Flaunt It Out, Baby!

Do not deny this one! Deep down our hearts, we always wish to flaunt something nice we have done with our lives, and what can be a better opportunity thing to say it out loud that you were the one who asked this question to your husband?

Granny Stories

Yes! This chapter added to the life of your romance will be a huge milestone. You can not only flaunt it in front of your friends and family, but you’ll also get a story to share with your grandchildren.

“Do you see that old man? I asked him out on the same day forty years ago!”

This line sounds so awe-worthy in our heads, just imagine if this thing gets real.

Be The Hero

If you’ll ask him to tie a knot, you’ll get all the knight-in-the-shining-armor feels, and we are not even kidding. We’ve always imagined a guy, getting off his white Mercedes and bending a knee while popping the question. Why not you do it and be the hero of your most romantic story?

Because Anything For Love

The girl asking a boy or boy asking a girl, does it really matters? If you are really into him and he’s deeply in love with you, then how will it matter who popped the question?

Go on, girls, it’s time to ask your man to tie the knot, without any hesitation, and don’t forget to share with us what happened next, and how did he reacted to your marriage proposal.

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