Grooming for men this summer


With the intense heat that summer brings and its intense side-effects on your body, it is essential to stack up on personal care products, even if you’re a man. Most men believe skin care is not for them. Well, if you have skin, then skin care is for you, boss. Here are some grooming suggestions for men this summer:

Shower gel

Shower gel is better than soap

Shower gel is better than soap

Most men use soaps and do not feel the need for a shower gel. Well, a shower gel beats soap all day, every day. It leaves you with a nice, refreshed feeling and is the perfect product to use at the start of the day. Most shower gels available today come with a variety of ingredients such as sea minerals and blue lotus that enhance its use.  Using a shower gel will make you feel cool and refreshed to take on a hot summer day. A shower gel comes with a loofah which not only cleans dirt and grime but also clears dead skin off your body.

Sun block

sun block is essential in the summer

Sun block is essential in the summer

Sunscreen lotion is an essential in the summer. The heat becomes extreme and it can leave some heavy tan lines that do not look pleasant. Besides this, UV rays are extremely harmful and can have irreversible effects. Apply this every three hours depending on your lifestyle.

Face wash

Face wash is important

Face wash is important

For all you men out there who use soaps instead of face wash, understand that the summer will bring oily skin and clogged pores along with tanning. A good face wash will clean your pores unlike soap and is less harsh.

Deodorant/deo stick

Deodorant in the summer

Deodorant in the summer

A deodorant is an essential for summer as you can get sweaty often. Some men tend to sweat even more than others and in no time this sweat can produce a pungent odour that will keep family and friends away. Keep a deodorant and a deo-stick handy at all times. The deo-stick should prevent excessive sweating and the deodorant will ensure you smell great throughout the day.

If you can refrain from ignoring these bare essentials as a man, then it will make your skin look good without the extra fuss. There is nothing girly about taking care of yourself.


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