Guide And Control Your Man In Bed


Yes, you don’t want to change him too much because you absolutely love the man in your life. But hey, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t even want to change anything about the way he works in bed? It may be possible that you wish to try something new; probably new moves. Faster/ slower, dirtier, quieter/louder – you can want it in any way! Here’s how you can make your man to improve his technique without hurting his sentiments!

 Play coach

You need to coach your man. But the feedback should be sexy, not critical! Let him know what acts of his you like and try to subtly avoid moves you don’t like. For example, if he’s sticking his tongue in your ear and you don’t like it, calmly distract him by turning your head so your mouths meet, and moaning with pleasure always keeps him turned on. He will realise you like that better once the needed distraction is provided.

Extend your foreplay

The best way to help synchronise your passion levels, longer foreplay proves to be much better for men, as it enables them to control their ejaculation much better. Hence, train your guy to improve his staying power at least 15 minutes and that will lead to a more enjoyable and hotter session.

Indulging in a longer foreplay can add to the excitement

Indulging in a longer foreplay can add to the excitement

Positive connections for love making

By brainwashing him in to specific moves, try to make your man more connected and attached to your love making. To try, check out your body to find your specific erogenous zones and seduce him towards them. Let him know what and how you feel when he touches you on those parts. Appreciate him whenever he does something you like and you can be rest assured for a repeat performance. He’ll go on the defensive track if you make him feel he is doing something wrong or inappropriate!

Explore new moves

Having adventurous sex is good in helping your man learn new positions. He’s reassured that you’d like to do something new if you initiate new moves, and he will be more than happy to do various unusual and different to give you more pleasure.

You and your partner definitely deserve an improved your sex life with these tips and always memorize the fact that practice makes perfect!

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