TBD’s Guide To Being The Perfect House-Husband


Over the ages, it has been the case that women of the house have been the caregivers, entrusted with the task of keeping the house in order, taking care of the children, etc. But, with women taking command of their lives and stepping out of the house to work, the dynamics have changed. Men, too, have taken note of the fact and are game for a role reversal of sorts. The whole house-husband trend has become beneficial in more ways than one and here are some things that need to be kept in mind before breaking stereotypes.

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House husbands time

Your wife needs to know and support your decision to become a house-spouse

Talk it out with your partner

Taking this step in a society that is still stuck in a mindset of 1800s is a difficult task. The best route to being the perfect house-husband to have a heartfelt chat weighing the pros and cons of your decision with your partner. Like all other decisions of family life, this, too, should be taken with her consideration. If you have her backing, then things can get a lot easier.

Keep love at the forefront

That love is the key ingredient for a happy married life is a well known fact. And as cliché as it may sound, you often need to show your feelings of affection to your loved one and the children – take your children out to the park, buy them an ice-cream once in a while. Remember, there is no alternative to quality time.

Be ready to work at strange hours

Being a house-husband means the work hours are skewed. The safety net of having to work for a stipulated amount of time isn’t there. This can be a little tough at the start, but if you learn to divide your time properly, it won’t be much of an issue. The biggest advantage can be that you can have all the time in the world to complete the odd maintenance job that arises from time to time.

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Look hot ALWAYS!

Just because you opted to be the stay-at-home dad/spouse doesn’t mean that you should neglect your personal care. You might not have the kind of time that you had earlier; but, maintaining the good appearance you had earlier, means your wife or significant other would appreciate your efforts even more.

House husbands

House husbands must learn to perform each and every household chore that a house-wife does

Cook it up

You simply can’t be a great house-husband if you don’t know how to cook well. Learn online, take help from your friends or join a cookery class. A delicious meal can light up the moods of your family members and ensure a memorable time for all.

Little things matter

Life may well be a huge ocean of emotions, but it’s the little things in life that can matter a lot in this journey. Arrange for a surprise party once in a while. Give gifts to your partner when she least expects it. Make things memorable by doing affectionate things.

Respect comes first

There may come a time where you may not feel like the man of the house; peer pressure may get to you. But, this is the time you have to respect your partner and your own choice of being a house-spouse. Once you have dealt with it, a smooth ride is sure to follow.

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Now that you are privy to the details of being a fantastic stay-at-home partner a.k.a the perfect house-husband, why not put it to use and see them work wonders.

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