Habits That Mess Up Your Metabolism


metabolism wreckerMetabolism is your body’s ability to convert food into energy for sustaining life processes. It is imperative that you work on keeping your metabolism rate high so that you stay healthy. You may exercise and eat right, but if your metabolism rate is low, then your body isn’t going to burn calories like you would want it to. This would make your weight goals difficult to achieve. Let us look at some habits that mess up your metabolism.

You don’t drink enough water

Your body needs fluids to fuel bodily functions. When it is not being fuelled appropriately, it is not performing these functions well and this slows down your calorie burning rate. A lot of calorie burning work goes into regulating the temperature of water to your body temperature.

You don’t take vitamin D supplements

When your body lacks vitamin D, the levels of the hormone ghrelin, which makes you hungry, are higher. Since it is difficult to get enough vitamin D from a regular diet, it is advisable to take a supplement form.

You have a midnight snacking habit

Many weight watchers tend to starve themselves and end up feeling extremely hungry at midnight. They then tend to binge on food which can hurt their metabolism. If you are one of those who can’t resist a midnight snack, then you must understand that this can severely hurt your metabolism since your timings are going for a toss.

You stress on cardio only

Include weight training along with cardio

Include weight training along with cardio

Some people swear by doing cardiovascular exercise only. It is necessary to incorporate strength training so that you can build lean muscle that helps in boosting your metabolism.

You sleep less

Sleep deprived people are proven to have lower metabolism rates than those who slept well. Your body needs rest to recover. Most metabolism processes take place at a faster rate during sleep; therefore, it is essential that you get an appropriate amount of sleep.

Metabolism sustenance is of major importance in your life. If you haven’t being taking care of this until now, then you can wave goodbye to your weight loss goals.

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