Habits that ruin your health


There are a few innocent habits that we possess that does our health more harm than good. We may be doing everything right without realising that certain habits are still detrimental to our overall wellbeing. We may eat well, exercise on a daily basis and even sleep well, yet maybe overlooking these habits. Here are a few habits that we exhibit that can be easily curbed:

Crossing legs


Sitting with your knee crossed over your leg can cause stagnation of blood flow. It can also put pressure on your hip joint. This is a worthless habit that we possess which we can easily let go of.

Sleeping on the stomach


Sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on your spine due to the alignment of the vertebrae. It also lays pressure on your neck which is forced to tilt in an inconvenient position.

Wearing your belt too tight


Sometimes we find ourselves tightening our belts too tight and this can cause digestive problems let alone the discomfort.



Posture is a major area of concern and physiotherapists all around the world stress on the fact that posture has a direct connection to overall health. Do we ever take it seriously? Well, we need to.

Sitting too long without a break


There are times when we may sit long hours on a chair without taking time off to stand up and stretch. This is putting undue pressure on our backs thereby affecting the health of our spine.

Not answering the body’s signals


We tend to ignore when we feel hungry, sleepy or even when we need to go to the loo. This is our body trying to tell us it needs re-charging or flushing.

Certain habits that we have accustomed ourselves to are so miniscule that we tend to consider it insignificant. But this will hurt us in the long run. It’s time to get rid of these little habits before they become major problems!

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