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If you have naturally tousled locks… we’re jealous! Yes, you heard us; even though you may not be fond of your wavy or curly hair, trust us, it’s all the rage right now. Indian women tend to have naturally wavy hair in general. And most of the times they are complaining about the maintenance of their locks and consider getting a straightening treatment. But that only looks horrifying and artificial. So here’s good news for all you women out there who have naturally curly or wavy hair – wavy is in!

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We list a few ways in which you can style your hair to look gorgeous.

Cascading curls:

Cascading curls

Cascading curls

This is for women who have moderately wavy hair. Curling hair away from the face creates a soft cascading feel that is really in trend right now.

How to:

Part your hair down the centre, and comb through to remove any tangles.

Then proceed to make sections of your hair from beneath the ears, and secure the hair on top at the crown of your head.

Use a large barrel curling iron and begin to curl the sections of your hair. Drop down the hair pinned at the crown and curl them too.

Make sure you curl the front pieces of hair away from your face on either side to create the cascading effect.

Gently scuffle the roots at the crown for added volume and then secure with hair spray.

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Summer-wavy hair:

Summer wavy hair

Summer wavy hair

This spiralling down hairstyle is a personal favourite of ours. It gives the waves extra definition without the just-out-of-bed look. The curls are longer and soft.

How to:

Part hair in whichever style you like, and apply some protective serum before using the hot tools.

Take a section out from the area around your neck close to the nape and tie the rest of your hair on top.

Curl the section using a small sized curling iron. Drop down sections from the top and repeat.

When you’re curling the final section, make sure to start curling from the point where your cheekbone starts. This will keep the hair smooth on the top and then curly from cheeks down.

Loosen up the curls using your fingers to blend them and get a sexier look.

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Goldilocks curls:

Taylor swift has beautiful golden curls

Taylor swift has beautiful golden curls

This hairstyle will instantly make you look and feel like Taylor Swift! Gorgeous locks that interlace in and out make for a look that is totally in.

How to:

Start with combing through your hair to remove the tangles and part you hair over on any side.

Take a large section of hair from the ears down and use a deep waving iron to make defined, interlaced curls.

Repeat with the top sections making sure you iron every strand.

Finally, work your way with a strong-hold hairspray.

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Exotic waves:

Nicole Kidman has exotic wavy hair

Nicole Kidman has exotic wavy hair

Dark hair looks so mysterious and exotic. If you have curly or wavy hair and want to add a touch of spice, try this look. Highlighting your hair in a warm shade will add intensity to your look, while side-swept bangs will make you look beautiful.

How to:

Part your hair to the side and curl your bangs up (if you have any) and away from your face.

Make random sections of your hair and begin curling just the lower part.

Work your way with a moisturising shine spray and scrunch up the curls using your hands to give them a raw and enigmatic look.

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