Handy Make Up Tricks For The Busy Bees


Whether you wake up too late or have a last-minute party to dress up for, you’re going to need these fast and fantastic make up tricks — little fixes that make a big impact and let no one else steal your thunder!

1. For angelic eyes

The trick: use one tool to brighten eyes.

How: From the outside to the inner corner, make use of a little white eyeliner (preferably an iridescent white) onto the edge of the eye. It casts a glowing halo effect that is angelic and will make you look ravishing.

White eyeliner renders a lovely halo effect

White eyeliner renders a lovely halo effect

2. Tweeze the eye brow

The trick: Shape eyebrows according to shape of the face and frame it.

How: Take the help of a slant tip tweezer, put the tweezers very close to the skin and adeptly pull the hair in the direction to where they head to grow. You should alternate the brows by standing about a foot away from the mirror.

3. Widen your eyes in one step

The trick: Flourish your eye in a hurry.

How: If you have a tight schedule, then don’t think about a complex eye makeup look; quickly roll on two coats of mascara. Your look is never complete on leaving your eyes mascara-free. It simply means your eyes have no frame.

4. Fast track lips

The trick: Speedily colour your pout with lip stain.

How: A fully made up mouth can be time consuming whereas, a stained look is much quicker to achieve. Pat lip stain into your lips with a clean finger, so that the colour looks washed rather than opaque.

5. 60 seconds to manicure

The trick: Gorgeous nails in 60 seconds flat. Indeed is the fastest!

How: Clean all the polish from your nails, wipe under your nails (with lemon juice, if you have it) and massage your cuticles with the thickest lotion you can find. Lip balm will suffice and can help efficiently.

6. To fix flaws – Pink lippy

The trick: Do this for faking flawless skin.

How: To really attain a perfect complexion — no matter what your skin tone is and what suits it — wear lipstick in a warm pink mostly. It surely distracts people’s eyes from blemishes and other imperfections on your body and trust me it definitely works!

7. Use lipstick as a blush

The trick: Lipstick can double as a creamy textured blush for your cheeks and make them rosier.

How: Wipe a clean finger onto lipstick and smile looking into the mirror and gently rub your cheeks with it. In other words, where the apples of your cheeks pop out blend on the colour, sweep it up towards your temples!

8. Foundation has multi purposes

The trick: It always acts as a hardworking make-up base.

How: To achieve a covered yet natural finish, choose a mineral foundation; this also means you can omit powder too. This type of base suits all skin types, especially if you suffer from acne or have sensitive skin there is nothing to worry.

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