Have You Posted Your Healthie Yet?


In the beginning, there was the humble “selfie”. Then it became a trend, and now innumerable selfies are floating around the web. Then slowly came other variants of selfie – the “belfie” (bum selfie), the “helfie” (hairstyle selfie) and then the “drelfie” (drunk selfie). Oh, whatever!

And now, there’s a new sexier kind of selfie that can make others go green with envy, or might even inspire them! The new variant is known as “healthie” – the selfie for healthy people. In other words, it is pictures of sexy girls in glorious, skin-tight sportswear, or in skimpy outfits that show off their sexy curves. Well, I am of the opinion that these are anytime better than belfie, helfie or even drelfie. What do you say?

Selfie - healthie

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