He Only Thinks About Sex?



Just started a relationship? You surely cannot keep your hands off his hot body! The sex is amazing and you never want to complain about it. But do you have this little voice that is screaming from inside, “He wants nothing but sex from you, you idiot!”, but all that you do is turn a deaf ear to it? Well, possibly that voice is right!

“Ever since I started to date Ajay, I have been having sex like never before!” says Sheena Khanna, 34, media professional. “This is fabulous, but of late I have been realising that sex is the only thing we do. We never go out on dates or to meet friends. We don’t even sit and chat like any other couple. Whenever we meet, all we indulge is in sex. Personally, I am over with that phase of just getting high on sex all the time; but unlike me, Ajay, I think, does not want to take our relationship to the next level. This makes me think that he is only interested in sex, and not me!”

Many men would argue that just because they want to have too much sex in the beginning of your relationship, this should not convey that they are only interested in sex and nothing else at all. However, let us tell you that your “gut feeling” could be apt at many times. Here are some of the signs that will confirm your feelings:

It’s never about you
If it’s only about sex then a man will not be interested in your personal life. He wouldn’t ask you about your future plans, your past and even your present. Every time you talk about yourself his eyes would just wander. A man who loves you more than your physical features and body, will want to know your ambitions, wishes and aspirations. “A lot of men who are not interested in commitment will say that they love you or play upon your emotions just because they want you to be pliable and ready for physical intimacy. However, you have to shed those rose-tinted glasses and ask yourself if his actions show that he cares or whether he is simply mouthing some empty words.

He doesn’t involve you in his life
Have either of you introduced your love to your families? If you feel that he doesn’t want you to meet his friend circle, family and is not any serious on your relation with him, then probably he is not interested in you as a person. Guys who are serious about the girls they want to commit to want to show them off to people who matter to them and get their approval.

Dating at jump-in-for-sex places

Some men set up dates at places where they can easily slither into sex mode. If you’ve noticed the same thing about your guy, then it’s time you set off alarm bells. “Initially, I thought it was very romantic the way my ex would ensure that our dates were very “private” and undisturbed by outside forces. More often than not, it would be at home – either his or mine, doesn’t matter, but at home! Sometimes, he would take me to places away from the city, usually on the outskirts, and rest of the times in his car. Whenever we met, he would never let me leave before indulging in sex. Never did we go out into a plush restaurant or with our respective gang of friends. I found it a bit odd not watching a movie or even eating out. Also, he would only meet up when he was in a raunchy mood. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was nothing but his sex doll,” expressed Sharmila Singh, 28, PR Manager.

So, in case something of these sorts is happening with you, you know what it means! Escape before you get too much involved emotionally as well!


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