Health benefits of consistent swimming


Who wouldn’t love a day at the pool? Why, I would for certain! Swimming has always been fun for me, and once I realised how much of a healthy habit it was, I became more or less like an advocate for the activity! Here is a list of health benefits that would make you want to jump out your couch this evening and take a dive into your nearest pool!

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Aerobic exercise

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise

Not only is this activity fun, it is also a great aerobic exercise. This exercise improves your heart health and your breathing mechanism as well. Any time of the year is a great time to get into a warm and cosy pool and do the laps.

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Weight loss

Swimming helps in weight loss

Swimming helps in weight loss

Another perk gained from this fun activity is weight loss. Weight loss while you enjoy… I wonder who’d say no to that! Studies suggest that you lose three calories per mile for every pound of bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and swim one mile in 30 minutes, you have just burned 900 calories in an hour.

Maximizing other workouts

Swimming can also help you maximise your other workouts

Swimming can also help you maximize your other workouts

If you are working out with weights, then swimming is a great way to maximize your non-training days. Your rest day is important for you to recover your muscles and what other way to do it than low intensity cardio like swimming.

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Research has shown that swimming can actually make you live longer. It reduces and possibly prevents high blood pressure which is a major cause of heart disease and strokes.

Low injury risk

Swimming is a full body exercise and there is no pressure put on your bones, joints, or connecting tissue. This makes it different from other exercises like running or jogging.  Swimming effectively lowers your body weight to 1/10th less than your land weight. Because of the water’s support, the risk of injury is substantially less.

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