Help Your Child Overcome The Fear Of Doctors


Tales from our childhood days amaze us. But the most interesting ones are those from the doctor’s cave. How our parents tried to make us doctor-friendly, or the stories they made up in the crux of time. Don’t think so? Ask your parents and they’d tell you how.

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All kids, sometimes, even teenagers, suffer from a fear of doctors. This doctor-phobia is also called Iatrophobia. Children could be anywhere but the doctor’s room. Sometimes, it is just about being claustrophobic (fear of being enclosed in a small space). Other times, it is the cold environment and the surrounding silence that makes kids feel uneasy.

Most children are really terrified of doctors, but you can change that!

Most children are really terrified of doctors, but you can change that!

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room was a mother with her 2-year-old child who was screaming his throat out from the moment they had stepped in. The mother’s sight was a pity. All parents go through that phase when their kids just won’t stop wailing. So what do you do if your kid’s all panicked? How do you make the doctor-visits less painful? Most importantly, how do you make your child doctor-friendly? Here are a few tips to overcome your child’s fear of doctors.

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Be around your child

Having a parent around makes the child feel comfortable. Sometimes, you may have grandparents accompany them to the pediatrician’s. But thinking from a child’s perspective, they need to see their mommy or daddy around. The last thing a child wants to see is that he or she is around unfamiliar faces which may render another round of those unbearable tantrums.

Distracting the child with something interesting or funny can take his fear away for a while

Distracting the child with something interesting or funny can take his fear away for a while

Distraction is the remedy

This may not be a do-all but certainly assists in keeping your kid’s panic under control. Keep them distracted by reading them the ‘Goldilocks’ or buy them the doctor’s kit and coat so they can play and pretend what might happen in the doctor’s room. This may help take off the doctor’s fear from the child’s mind. Best would be to bring their favorite stuffed teddy or the miniature car along.

 Avoid talks that confuse them

Let’s face it – we fear doctor shots as much as kids do. No matter what you say, your child is hardly going to be the obedient one about it. Better refrain from using words that may confuse them. ‘Don’t be afraid’, ‘It won’t hurt’, ‘Don’t cry’, ‘She won’t do anything to you’, are words that make kids’ minds think exact opposite. Try and be positive around them. Pacify them by saying, ‘You’re a strong kid’, ‘It will be over before you know’, etc.

Coat it up with sweets and candies

Provide your kid something to look forward to. This much is clear that nothing but how you wrap it up for your child can make the doctor’s visit pleasant. Praise them, hug them, and shower them with kisses. Try taking them to a candy or ice-cream shop to win them over. This might just make the next trip a lot easier.

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Doctor-visits get parents extremely hassled, more than probably a monster showing up in the nursery. Try these tips and get your child to gradually love the doctor. Doctor-visits, after-all, may not be that difficult any more.

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