Here’s How Keeping A Slice Of Lemon On Your Bedside Table Helps



You must have heard a lot about the health benefits of lemons. In fact, this multipurpose kitchen ingredient also has a number of beauty benefits. But what you’re gonna read today will take you by surprise!

We recently stumbled across a health fact that said that keeping a slice of lemon by the bed is good for the body! Now since we were pretty stumped, we had to dig deep for elaborate answers. So, here’s a compilation about why a lemon should be your bedside partner!

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- You may not know this, but a slice of lemon helps open blocked nostrils. If you’re pissed by the usual cold and stuffy nose, allow lemons to be your aid and helping you fall off to sleep easily.

- Experts believe that a slice of lemon has the power to cleanse the air around. It absorbs harmful bacteria and makes you less prone to air-borne diseases! Well, we don’t need any more reason!

- The citrus fragrance of lemon is known to lessen mental stress and fatigue. So, bring a sliced lemon into the room and wave a goodbye to stress!

- Did you know that a lemon can positively affect the blood pressure levels of your body? Yes, reports suggest that sleeping with a slice of this citrus wonder by the side is enough to keep your blood pressure in check all throughout the night.

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- While most of us are in love with tangy, fruity fragrance of lemons, insects find it very annoying. So, while you sleep the night away, the slice of lemon will repel insects, thanks to its strong smell!

- Serotonin is the hormone that is released when we’re happy, which is why it is also called the ‘happy hormone’. The refreshing fragrance of lemon slices actually boost the production of serotonin, making us feel super relaxed when we wake up in the morning! Cool, na?

So, making lemon your bedtime friend from tonight? :)

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