Here’s Why You Should Never Date Your Best Friend


Dating your best friend is not as cool as you think it is. There can be many complications. Your best friend knows you in and out from the very beginning. Even if you want to keep some secrets, you really can’t because your best friend has figured you out more than you have. Being friends is great but dating is a different ball game altogether. Here are 7 reasons why you should never date your best friend.

Both Of You Know Each Other Too Well

In a relationship there should always be a little mystery to spice it up, don’t you agree? If you guys decide to date, there won’t be any mystery in the relationship because you know each other inside-out. This makes the relationship very boring and the sad part is, it might not go on for a long time.

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Friendship Gets Ruined In The Process

If you both eventually break up and decide to tell each other, “So what if things didn’t work between us, we can still be friends like before”, then you’re definitely doing it all wrong. This isn’t some Bollywood film, where you sit on the sidelines and watch her start dating someone new. This is reality; so the best thing to do is avoid the pain and let everything be the way it was i.e. you both being best friends.

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No One To Give You Relationship Advice

Every time you had a problem with any of your relations, you could always run to your best friend for advice. Now that you are in a relationship, who are you going to run to for advice. Are you going to ask your parents? Now do you realize how that can be a problem if you start dating your best friend?

The Fights Will Get Crazier

The fights will get crazier

Fights get a whole lot worse in a long distance relationship.

This is a person, like I said before, who knows you in and out. He/she knows every intimate detail of your life, the times you made mistakes, lied about a few things and made excuses. If you both get into a fight, all those misdeeds are going to be laid on the table and there will be nowhere to run. The only option you will have is to surrender and accept you are wrong.

The Slot For A New Best Friend Is Free

The slot for a new best friend is free

it’s time to search for a new best friend.

Now that you are dating your best friend, she/he is no more your best friend but your girlfriend/boyfriend. So it’s time you start looking out for a new best friend if you want some relationship advice like it was mentioned earlier. Start asking people to put up their CVs now, so that you can decide who the worthy candidate is to be your best friend ;)

 Same Peer Group

You and your best friend obviously belong to the same peer group; this means that you won’t have any privacy with your friends. It becomes a very awkward situation when the whole gang goes out, and you both can’t even cuddle and kiss each other because of the fear that the whole group will tease you.

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Cannot Lie

If you want some alone time away from your other half, and you lie to him/her saying that you’re at your friend’s place, when actually you’re somewhere else, then you are definitely in trouble, buddy. Still don’t know why? Do you remember what I said in the previous point, about him/her being a part of the same group as yours? So, it’s obvious that she/he would have each of your friend’s contact numbers.

So now you know why it is a bad idea to date your best friend. The next time you even think of dating him/her, remember this article and save your relationship with your best friend.

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