Hobby-based Business Ideas For Today’s Youth!


We all have some or the other hobby to engage in some fun, relaxation and fulfillment. Most times, we are really passionate about our hobbies which can range from relatively quiet pursuits like stamp collecting and reading, to physical activities like competing in extreme outdoor sports or volunteering to help build homes for needy families. However, today’s youth has to give up on their hobbies in order to start their careers. But did you know that you could turn your hobby into profitable businesses and make money from them in a number of ways!

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If you think you would like to turn your hobby into a home-based business, here are examples of hobbies with suggested business ideas that can help you make some bucks:

Young coaches earn a lot and get to practise their hobby daily!

Young coaches earn a lot and get to practise their hobby daily!

Coaching: Do you love teaching kids? Or are you a black-belt in Karate or Kung Fu? Depending on the type of your qualification and the area of your interest, you could turn your hobby into a coaching class. Education-based or athletics-based coaching classes are a great way to earn some fast cash. Market your classes to parents andyour social circle, and you’ll soon have your first batch ready to roll!

Collecting: Did you know that your collections – from toys to teapots, or thousands of other collectibles – could actually help you start a home-based business? If you aren’t extremely attached to your things, you could start a business of buying and selling these items to other collectors via the Internet, at auctions, or through private sales. Explore the best venues to sell your specific collectibles, exhibit at collectors’ shows. Write a blog and offer complimentary appraisals at community events for free publicity.

All you'll need to start a home-based baking business is a good oven

All you’ll need to start a home-based baking business is a good oven

Cooking/Baking: The popularity of ethnic foods, specialized cakes or patisserie, and televised cooking shows has propelled the growth in demand for new recipes, products, specialized catering, and cooking instructions. You can take this as an advantage and start your own home-based cooking class or catering/baking business. Just ensure to stay up to date with the latest food trends, and never stop learning new techniques and recipes. You can even start a website and write about food culture, share recipes and invite guest bloggers to sample and market you. Teen chocolatier Ruhi Khan shares her experience “I always had a huge sweet tooth and chocolate has been my weakness since childhood. I take pride in saying that today, I have some really great and loyal chocolate-loving clientele and starting a home-based business was the best decision I ever made! Sure, it was challenging intially, but my passion outdid every hurdle…”

Crafts: Take your love for origami to the next level. There are all those people who value quality and finely crafted items, and will always appreciate handmade and unique products. Entrepreneurial crafters often develop a loyal following of devoted clients. So, start part-time to test your products, to purchase quality equipment as you can afford it, and to hone your skills. Network with fellow members in related craft-art media associations for success tips.

You could make covers and upload them on YouTube to start off

You could make covers and upload them on YouTube to start off

Music: Musicians and/or music enthusiasts alike seek opportunities to promote their own music or that of others’ to capture the public’s attention. If you’re passionate about your taste and talent there is a multitude of career options spread out in front of you like songwriting, singing, teaching, producing, mixing, directing, and other related ventures. Determine your target audience for your music specialty. Build the contacts that will advance your music career and don’t forget to hone your skills with regular learning and practice!

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Dancing/singing: Use your skills to entertain people across various walks of life, as singing and dancing are much appreciated as a rare talent.

Bring out your best in every word you write (or type) and carve your path to glory!

Bring out your best in every word you write (or type) and carve your path to glory!

Writing: Of course, I had to include this in the list! A writer’s work is like bread, butter and Nutella for them! Whether it is writing a novel, non-fiction book; blog article, or related content; launching a copy editing business; or self-publishing; skilled writers can easily turn their craft into profitable ventures!

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Finally, once you decide to turn your hobby into a business, take time to research its profit potential, consult with business experts and form a business plan. Take advantage of the free or low-cost startup business resource available online and give wings to your dreams! For now, so long!

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