Home Remedies For Calluses Or Corn On Feet


For those who aren’t aware, calluses or corns are formed due to continuous or repeated pressure or friction on a particular spot or area of our skin. Ill-fitting shoes, high heels, closed shoes/sandals, a misplaced seam, etc can cause painful corn on feet. The pressure that any of these apply on our feet may cause the skin cells to die and become hard, forming a corn. In some instances, if the area comes in contact with moisture (e.g. sweat) then the hard skin becomes a bit soft and this makes the corn easy to remove.

If you too have a painful corn on your feet and wish to remove it without having to visit a podiatrist, here are a few tips and tricks:

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Warm water and sea salt:

Soaking your feet in warm water helps soften the corn and makes removing it easier

Soaking your feet in warm salt water helps soften the corn and makes removing it easier

In a bucket of warm water, add 2 tablespoons of sea salt or rock salt. Now soak your feet in it for 10 minutes and gently scrub the corn with a pumice stone. The salt in the warm water will soften the edges of the corn making it easier to remove.

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Castor oil:

Castor oil has miraculous healing properties that can effectively heal a painful corn. Apply castor oil generously to your corn-affected areas and cover it with a muslin cloth. Leave all night and wash off with warm water and mild, moisturizing soap, the following morning.

Doughnut pads:

Doughnut shaped corn pads help ease the pain and aid faster healing

Doughnut shaped corn pads help ease the pain and aid faster healing

Sometimes, added pressure can worsen your corn or cause it to come back once it falls off. Use non-medicated doughnut-shaped corn pads on your corn and secure it with sterilized medical tape.

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Aspirin solution:

Crush 5 aspirins and mix with just enough water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your corn and cover with medical gauze and sterilized tape. Wash off after 10 minutes and gently scrub away the skin with a pumice stone.


Apple cider vinegar cures corn on feet

Apple cider vinegar cures corn on feet

Always a go-to for any skin concern, vinegar can also help get rid of your corn. Soak a cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar and tape it on your corn overnight. Remove the next morning and wash off with warm water and a mild shampoo.


I know, this sounds gross, but trust me it works! Cut a small square of pineapple from the centre and tape it to your corn over-night. Do this for a week and your corn will vanish!

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If your corn is a result of locked bacterium from sweat, dust your feet with cornstarch before wearing shoes or socks, and even at night. The cornstarch will soak up the moisture and curb the bacteria.

Tips to prevent the corn from forming again:

  • Notice the points of pressure on your feet and try to gently massage them with a dollop of moisturizer every night.
  • Trim your toenails short. Whether you go for a monthly pedicure or a daily one, fact remains that long toenails are a haven for dirt and bacteria. So cut your toenails short and reduce the risk of corn forming due to the bacteria.
  • Buy well-fitting footwear to help reduce the stress on the sensitive areas of your feet.
  • Try wearing foot pads inside your shoes. They will reduce the pressure on the corn making it less uncomfortable.
  • Wash and dry your feet daily and dust anti-bacterial powder on your feet.
  • If you have a corn between your toes, separate them using sterilized cotton balls or lamb’s wool.

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