How Adding Unknown Friends On Facebook Could Be Dangerous


Let’s be honest here guys, the first thing most of us do on waking up in the morning is check our phones. That’s right, no brushing, no washroom, nothing of that sort. We’ve GOT to check who woke up before us and messaged us on WhatsApp, or who was up late last night, putting status updates on Facebook. This just proves one thing, we all are social media addicts and any addiction is not healthy. There’s one thing that I’ve seen most people do on a social media platform like Facebook, and that’s making new random friends every day. I know you’ll counter-argue with me that Facebook is meant for socialising and keeping in touch with our friends. But I’m of the opinion that one should not ‘friend’ strangers on a public platform like Facebook. Let me tell you how adding unknown friends on Facebook could be dangerous.

Cyber crimes on Facebook are wide spread in our society

Cyber crimes on Facebook are widespread in our society

Especially in today’s times, when internet crimes and particularly social media crimes, are on an all-time high, is it safe to accept friend requests from any random person? A person whom you do not know, a person whom you cannot (and should not) trust? This trend of adding unknown people is very much popular among teenagers, and you don’t even want to imagine the potential risks that they are exposed to on such platforms.

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Sure, an account may have security settings. That said, even older people have a habit of accepting friend requests from people they don’t know and thus exposing themselves to potential dangers. Have you ever received a friend request from a person and thought ‘I think I must’ve known them in high school, let me catch up with them!’? Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is simple vulnerablility that allows hackers and criminals to bypass your account’s security settings. Letting strangers in your personal cyber space can result in dangerous crimes for all you know. We recently posted a Facebook crime on our page; check it out here –

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These are true cases: A woman uploaded a simple (and modest, if I may) photo of her on Facebook, and one of her ‘FB friends’ whom she had carelessly added, morphed it and made it viral on WhatsApp. Another woman updated her status to ‘Good night – sleeping’ and her hacker’s tagged 50 odd men in the status to make it sound like she’s sleeping with them.

BEWARE: Facebook crimes like these are on an all-time high!

BEWARE: Facebook crimes like these are on an all-time high!

Imagine anything of that sort happening with you, your siblings, your children, your spouse, and loved ones!

Checking-in on Facebook may also result in horrendous crimes like stalking, or worse rape and murder. It is our duty to safeguard the honour and privacy of ourselves and our loved ones. If you are a parent, make sure you have the id and password of your child’s account, and regularly keep a tab on who they interact with.

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Spread the message, and stop adding unknown people just because you may or may not have ‘mutual friends’ with them. In fact, I’m not sure how much could the mutual friends be trusted. Let’s use the social media only for the betterment of the society and not for its doom…

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