How and when to say no


Saying no can be quite a challenge for some people. People pleasers find it almost impossible to say no. If you are one of those who can never turn down a request no matter how much it troubles you, here are tips on how to deal with such situations and say no appropriately.

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Saying no is an art

Saying no is an art

Know your limits

If you are incapable of doing a certain task, it is important that you do not tax yourself for an avoidable reason. If you can’t do something, say no before you accept it.

Try not to be nasty

Saying no doesn’t always have to mean being nasty. A sugar-coated no is the way to go. Explain yourself and your situation well. Most often, it is a really difficult thing to say no to a friend, but if you can explain your situation well, with logic, then there is no reason why a friend won’t understand.

Value your life

If you keep doing favours for others, you won’t have time for yourself.  There is no shame in saying no and giving a reason like – I need time for myself. If you value your time more, others will notice this and respect you.

Try deviating from the topic

Another way to say no is by changing the topic. This way, the concerned person gets a cue that you aren’t interested in doing the job. If you talk about something else in the presence of the proposal, then there is a good chance he may get the idea and not pop that question again, if he is reasonable, of course.

No matter how uncomfortble it is for you, learn to say no

No matter how uncomfortable it is for you, learn to say no

If you have been a people pleaser all these years and it hasn’t hurt you, evaluate yourself. You may not realize how your time has been wasted trying to please others. Love others, don’t live for others!

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