How Colours Affect Your Mood And Emotions


Describing one’s emotions with colours shows that there’s no denying that colours and moods are undoubtedly connected — green with envy, feeling blue, red with anger, etc — You’ll feel like painting the town red right after adorning a sexy black dress, you’ll want to drown yourself in a tub of ice-cream for the night when you stumble upon your ex lover’s favourite grey shirt. A recent study aptly confirms that colours do indeed affect moods and emotions to a great extent.

How To Make Your Wardrobe Colourful

Slipping into your favourite dress is naturally going to make you feel praise-worthy. To make yourself feel even greater, buy edgy colours and designs. On one low day of your life, go for bright shades like yellow or orange. These chirpy, sunny colours stimulate creativity and energy inside you and bring out the happy personality you usually pose.

There may be some clothes that haunt you or bring back bad memories, but discarding them might not be the solution. Find your way around and invent some funky and fun ideas when you wear them. Irrespective of how you feel, don’t dress up untidily. Even though you come across days when you work from home, get out of your night pyjamas, feel fresh and dress up presentably.

What's your colour for today?

What’s your colour for today?

Red Hot

Red is often associated mostly with anger, love and passion. It is a complicated colour and extremely dramatic. In fact, red is often associated with love – red blush or flush, but it can also have negative denominations. Pink as a colour is much more serene, but nothing beats the popularity of red with women.

Go Green

There is no use in saying, green has an extremely calming effect primarily because it symbolises nature. Although not a mainstream fashion colour, it translates well from a day to night wear, thus giving it that sophisticated look. Green is a very calming and refreshing colour. It has soothing properties, which is why people are often made to wait in ‘green rooms’.

Feeling Blue

Interestingly blue is arguably the most popular colour in most of our closets.  Get dressed in an aqua or sea blue dress for a date and it’s sure to make a good impression. Blue is an extremely tranquil colour. Most office rooms and gyms are blue in colour because of their calming effect and also because they are known to encourage productivity. However, sometimes it also portrays gloom, sadness and despair. It is symbolic that you feel down or low.

The Versatile Black

Have you ever noticed how most villains wear black? Universally denoted to be the colour of authority and power – the colour Black is most of the time associated with the dark emotions and sometimes it showcases the sex appeal of the one adorning it. Fashion experts suggest that black’s fame can be attributed to the fact that, apart from its slimming characteristics, it is also stylish and timeless in its look.

Tangy Orange

According to preferences, orange perfectly blends the light yellow and the fierce red. It is a fun, active colour and has the capability to improve your mood on a bad day. If you want to stand out without being too loud, this quirky colour is your best bet. If experts are to be trusted, orange can help make a positive impact during meetings and business appointments since it represents confidence, creativity and vitality.

So, what colour are you wearing today?

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