How, Gluta, An Adopted Dog Battled Cancer To Enjoy Her Life


This is the story of Gluta, the happiest dog in the world, as termed by her owner.

Gluta - adopted and happy

Gluta’s owner found her as a stray while living in a dormitory in Thailand. Dogs weren’t allowed, but he sneaked her in anyway and fed her because she was a friendly dog, and kept quite tidy. When she was detected with cervical cancer, both she and her owner battled cancer everyday and beat the illness.

Gluta story

Now, she’s a sweet, clever and, most importantly, a much-loved dog who loves to pose for adorable, silly photos. Her happiness is infectious and, given what she’s lived through, heartfelt and real!


Watch her story in this video here:


The Brunette Diaries salutes Gluta and her owner, and appeals all of you to opt to adopt a street dog rather than going for fancy dogs of various high-profile pedigree. Trust us, their immunity is far stronger than the posh dogs! Want more reasons, click here: 4 reasons why you should adopt a homeless dog

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