How Nutrition Bars Aren’t Just A Post-Workout Snack


Any fitness enthusiast would agree with me when I say, with time running at a supersonic speed, health has taken a back seat for most people on the go. If you too agree with that statement, there is a fair chance that due to the busy schedule that you are caught in, you are guilty of skipping a meal or two. Whether you’re overburdened with work or cannot afford to take even a single day off, depriving your body of the essential nutrients that it needs, is strictly not advised. But when taking a lunch break is not an option, what do you do? Here’s a tip – can’t steal a 15-minute lunch break at work? Munch on a nutrition bar.

RiteBite Max Protein nutrition bars come in a range of interesting and zesty flavours, like this one - Honey lemon!

RiteBite Max Protein nutrition bars come in a range of interesting and zesty flavours, like this one – Honey Lemon!

While nutritional supplements should never take the place of whole foods in your diet, there are times when a bar is a perfectly acceptable alternative to food. I’ll explain why I say this: although the right time to bite into a nutri-bar is after a heavy-duty workout; these days, our round-the-clock working hours are no less than an intensive work-out session at the gym. So whether you’re on your way to work, dashing between meetings, or perpetually struggling to squeeze in some time to sit down to a full nutritious meal, the best option is to snack on some healthy nutrition bars. One of the top protein bars available on the supermarket shelves is RiteBite, the power-packed nutrition bar that’s manufactured by Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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Now I know that ‘protein bars’ are actually a post-workout staple, and as a fitness freak you must already be associated with it. But trust me, when a colleague of mine tried the aforementioned nutrition bar, as she was running out of snacks to munch on (considering our work schedule), she was flummoxed! The pack said they were a healthy post workout snack, but turns out they tasted amazing. Soon enough, the whole team at The Brunette Diaries was munching on these bars, so I thought of writing a semi-review-cum-info piece devoted to it! Here’s some information about nutrition and energy bars, and why you must eat them…

The yummy, healthy RiteBite choco fudge protein bar is a personal favorite!

The yummy, healthy RiteBite Max Protein Choco Fudge protein bar is a personal favorite!

What they are – RiteBite nutrition bars or any other protein bar is a nutrient supplement not only meant for post-workout protein requirements but also for people like you and I who are strapped for time. They’re made with super healthy ingredients like whole grains, natural protein in the form of Whey, Soy and Caseinate, and dry fruits and are available in various flavours including the superlatively delicious chocolate!

Chocolate overdose! Another chocolate flavour in the RiteBite Max Protein range

Chocolate overdose! Another chocolate flavour in the RiteBite Max Protein range

When to eat them – Nutrition bars can be had as in-between-meal snacks and they even make for a healthy breakfast addition. The best part about these bars is that you can have them on the go. Just keep a box of nutrition supplements like RiteBite nutrition bars on your work desk or in your car, to bite into a protein-dense snack at a time when you need it most.

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Why to eat them – Apart from doing what they were initially meant for – provide post-workout energy – these bars are also benefitting the lazy lasses and lads by providing us with healthy nutrition for our body as they are made with berries, nuts, honey, whole grain, and cocoa. Packed with proteins and fiber, these bars increase muscle growth. They increase energy levels if had after a workout or a long day at work. And also promote early recovery by building immunity.

List of nutrients in RiteBite Max Protein nutrition bars

List of nutrients in RiteBite Max Protein nutrition bars

Remember to check the nutritional value of a bar before purchasing it. As far as the ones we’re hooked on to, they contain a total of 9 vitamins, biotin, folic acid, calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, and also certain vital amino acids like L-glutamine, L-leucine, L-vaine and L-isoleucine, apart from salts like sodium and potassium. A plus point with some variants of RiteBite Bars is that they do not contain any added sugar.

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So, grab a RiteBite the next time you are pressed for time, and want to have something nutritious and healthy!

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