How safe is it to upload photos on social networking sites?


Recently, news broke out about a family that had uploaded a picture on a popular social media website and it was used as an advertisement in another part of the world. Your privacy is compromised when you bare it all on a social media site, isn’t it? So what do you do? Well, I for one couldn’t resist posting pictures, but everyone needs a harsh lesson to learn.

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Some pictures can be misused

Some of your pictures can be misused

I learnt mine when my picture was used for a fake profile, by probably an acquaintance, and then I get a request from that person! With an embarrassing name and one of my old embarrassing photographs, I was super humiliated.  From then on I realised that privacy settings on social media sites are of utmost importance.

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Here is what some others had to say about uploading images on social media sites.

Some pictures you put can cause you shame later on

Some pictures you put can cause you shame later on

Karri Fernandes is a regular social media user who feels that privacy setting should be used wisely. “If it’s just your own picture then I think it’s fine. In fact, I prefer to see a “real” photo when networking with people online. The main thing in my mind is to protect your personal contact information. Mind you, much depends on the goal behind your social networking activities.”

Kalyani Dhante feels that women should be more careful while posting pictures. “I guess that goes along with what TYPE of picture you are uploading. In posting anything on the internet, it can come back and haunt you. I would just say be careful what picture you choose to post.
Especially as a girl I it is important for me to take care what pictures I post.”

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A number of people had contrasting views about uploading pictures on social media sites. 29-year-old Violet Pereira said, “I don’t mind uploading my photos on social networking sites. I just have to make sure that my profile is protected from “crazy” peeps. So yeah, guess we just have to be careful which picture to upload and which friend invite should we approve.”

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So with such varied opinion, it’s hard to decide whether it is actually safe to upload a picture according to the general masses. Ultimately it is up to you, but I think there must a yardstick of privacy settings that must be common across all social media platforms. That way, we all can enjoy social media without the fear of being stalked, having our photos being used for wrong purposes, or anything else that makes us uncomfortable.


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