How to avoid daytime sleepiness


Dozing off at every little chance you get? Can’t resist the two minute nap at your desk? Do you find yourself napping between every lecture? But you know what, it doesn’t help and you will continue to feel as sleepy as before!

Drowsiness at the office can get in the way of your work

Drowsiness at the office can get in the way of your work

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Excessive sleepiness can get in the way of work, studies and even your household chores. Missing your quota of sleep for a few nights can send your body in sleep deprivation mode where you tend to become drowsy and irritable. So what can you do to avoid this? The first thing that obviously comes to the mind is sleep! Yes, get your eight hours of sleep. It isn’t so easy to shift your routine though, is it? Let us look at a few things you can do to avoid daytime sleepiness.

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Meal timing

Not just regular sleep time but also regular meal times affect our activity patterns during the day. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time will prevent energy deficits that are usually connected with drowsiness. Also, plan your dinner at least two to three hours before dinner so that your sleep is not disturbed.

Bed time

You have to obviously increase your sleep hours steadily. Best way to do this is by gradually going to bed earlier. Shift your time schedule for household chores a little and see if you can make time to go to bed at least half an hour earlier, to start with.

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College lectures can get you drowsy if you haven't had a good nights sleep

College lectures can get you drowsy if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep

Time to wake up!

Make sure you have a consistent waking up time. This way your body will get used to your sleep quota and you won’t oversleep or under-sleep.  Your body’s pineal gland is its waking mechanism and a proper function of this gland will prevent drowsiness.


Struggling to go to bed earlier? It could be because of a sedentary lifestyle. So get going with some aerobic exercises that will pump up your heart rate. This will make you sleep earlier as your body needs the rest more, and late nights will be lesser.

Now that we know about things that could reduce your sleepiness, here are ways in which you can prevent dozing off at work, college, university or school as well.

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Chew gum

Chewing gum can reduce drowsiness as well

Chewing gum can reduce drowsiness as well


Yup, this is a great way to keep away from dozing off. This will keep your mouth busy, your jaw moving and your brain awake.

Wandering thoughts

Keep in mind that if you aren’t alert in class or at work, you may end up being the guy who is always daydreaming. He’s always the guy who dozes off at the drop of a dime! So abstain from wandering thoughts and stay focused.

Walk around

Every time you get the hint of sleepiness, take a walk around the office, or walk to the cafeteria between lectures if you have the chance to.

So now you know some methods of keeping yourself alert and awake, but let’s not search for ways to prevent sleepiness; instead, let’s focus on the cure! Everyone knows the cure! SLEEP ENOUGH!

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