How To Avoid Dozing Off In The Office


It’s just two hours since you’ve entered the office, but you’ve already guzzled down three cups of coffee. You are constantly reminded of the Jerry-chasing Tom who’d keep matchsticks between his eyelids to prevent them from closing. Sounds familiar? Well, you are not the only one. Daytime sleepiness is a big hurdle for most of us who work long, hectic schedules through the week without enough rest. But hold on; it’s not just the lack of sleep in the night that’s a problem. An improper diet and a lifestyle sans exercise can be responsible for that afternoon slump. Take a look at other causes for daytime sleepiness and how you can beat it.

Do you battle taking 40 winks in your office?

Do you battle taking 40 winks in your office?

Keep distractions away: This is for all those of you who cannot do without watching TV before hitting the sack. Indulging in any kind of activity that excites your mind instead of relaxing it is a big no-no. So keep the laptop, mobile phone and PlayStation aside, and instead listen to some soothing music to calm your mind. Do not find reasons to be awake at night, but make yourself understand and sleep as soon as you can without whiling away time.

Avoid eating carbs for lunch: By 3 PM, most of us start complaining of drowsiness, so much so that we’d rather pack up and head home. Well, blame the carbohydrate-heavy lunch that you just indulged in! The real culprit is actually rice, which most of us find difficult to forego. Did you know that carbs have a high glycemic index which speeds up the release of tryptophan, a brain chemical that boosts sleep?

Sleep well in the night: Most of us make the mistake of taking our work laptop to bed. What follows is enough to affect your sleep pattern and in turn cut down on your normal hours of sleep. Try and develop an early bedtime routine so that your mind and body have enough time to prepare for the next day. At least 6 hours of sleep is mandatory to let your brain function properly the next day.

Munch on nuts through the day: All of us need energy to finish work and meet our deadlines so that we can head home for some ‘me’ time. A great way to stay up and about at the workplace is by munching on nuts, berries and even dates. These provide high amounts of energy and enable your body to fight sluggishness through the day.

Exercise regularly: A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least four times a week is a great way to ensure that you don’t doze off during the day. A good mix of cardio as well as weight training is a sure shot way to combat daytime sleepiness and enable you to think sharp.

Stimulate your mind with something interesting: Here’s the truth. Most of us find our jobs monotonous, and that’s one of the primary reasons why lethargy sets in before you know it. So, why not do something that will stimulate your mind! Read a book online, check out a glossy magazine or simply look for a recipe. It’s sure to keep you focused and refreshed at your workplace. These certainly cannot be termed as distractions but are materials that divert your mind a little in order to increase its productivity.

Take a break: There is no better way to fight dozing off during the day time than by getting up from your seat the moment you see it coming. Get up from your desk and catch up with a colleague you’ve long been meaning to. Doesn’t matter if it is for only 10 minutes; you will notice that you are raring to go after a break.

Set healthy meal times: Eating the right foods is not enough. Eating them at a healthy time of the day is important too. Don’t skip breakfast or make do with a sandwich on the run during lunch time. Depriving your body of the energy it requires to sustain itself through the day is definitely not a great idea. Therefore eat at proper times to avoid imbalance in body and its needs.

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