How To Be A Genuinely Cultured Individual


There is nothing instinctive or pretentious about genuine culture. But have you thought what it is like being genuinely cultured. Is it being educated and having the right type of friends? Or is it being able to pick the best out of the good and the worst out of the bad? Or is it having a generally appreciated, elegant way of life, and roaming in an elite social circle? The answer to all these questions is, no.

Is being rich, and royal enough to be called cultured, sophisticated people?

Is being rich, and royal enough to be called cultured, sophisticated people?

Genuine culture is not about any of the aforementioned. You don’t need elite friends to be called cultured, and scholarly education will not necessarily give you the qualities that cultured people are said to possess.

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Not all elegant people are cultured. Not all genuinely cultured people are in the lime light. But thankfully, genuine culture is something that can be learned if there is the will to learn. You need sincere interest to invest in and learn to be cultured. Here are some striking qualities of a cultured person; if you really wish to amend, evolve and adapt, look within and begin the metamorphosis today…

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Being humble is the gateway towards becoming a genuinely cultured person

Being humble is the gateway towards becoming a genuinely cultured person

  • The most important quality of a cultured man or woman is humility. Cultured individuals are humble. They do not think themselves superior to anyone, nor do they feel inferior to their fellowmen. This quality reflects in their day-to-day behavior as they interact with people from all walks of life. They are aware of a superior being, and that’s what makes them humble.
  • Cultured people respect humanity and human personality. A cultured man will never insult a person whether he/she is his friend or enemy. A cultured woman will never speak ill of her family, friends and foe. Cultured individuals respect human personality in a way that cannot be put in words. But if I may try, they are always kind, gentle and polite to everyone around them and they never allow themselves to be provoked.

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  • They have immense control on their emotions, but this doesn’t mean they do not feel any strong surge of emotion, or that they never express themselves. A good example of a well cultured person is that he would not fuss about the coffee machine not working; he would instead, make his own coffee on the stove.
  • Genuinely cultured people are forgiving by nature. They forgive and forget. They can forgive everything from noise, erratic temperature, unpleasant surprises and ill humour to the mere behavioral issues that people around them might be suffering from.
  • They are helpful not because they gain praise and acceptance for helping the needy but because they feel a heavy burden being lifted away from their conscience when they put the needs of others before them. Cultured individuals realize that what they have today, can (or will) someday be taken away from them; and this realization makes them grateful for their possessions, while also giving them a sense of responsibility. You may feel that you do not have enough, but if you have more than what someone else does, then it is your responsibility to share.
  • Being cultured means being respectful towards others and their possessions. Therefore, cultured people always pay their debts. They would never wrong their fellowmen and they would always give the right share to its rightful owner.
  • Cultured people are honest. A well cultured person would never lie even if the truth means putting himself in danger. Lying in the face of others is worst kind of wrongdoing a person may commit. It is not only insulting to the person who is being lied to, but it’s also degrading the liar and scarring his conscience forever.
  • Cultured people are highly refined and always receptive. Receptive to beauty, poverty and all type of humane feelings that could ever exist. This applies not just to oneself but also to others’ feelings. And the ‘receptiveness’ should stem from ‘within’ oneself.

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  • Cultured people never sever ties with their kith and kin and also their bondsmen. They realize that however annoying their loved ones may be at times, if it wasn’t for them, they would not have seen the world they way they do. For genuine culture teaches us that family always comes first.
A cultured lady is the symbol of sophisticated grace and genuine poise.

A cultured lady is the symbol of sophisticated grace and genuine poise.

  • They do not have false or (shallow) vanities. Being in an elite social circle and having law makers (or those who control them) for friends does not give them pleasure. Cultured people have the right taste and a mind of their own. They know how to make the world a better place without the use of power or money.

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And lastly, if you really want to be genuinely cultured, you must develop an aesthetic sense of being. Appreciate true talent, find grace in everything around you and strive to work hard day in and out to feel the difference in you. Genuine culture is beyond vanity, beyond books, it is within you! So long for now!

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